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    Default CSA Newbie Jan31-Feb7

    BF and I excited first timers from Canada. We like to participate in as much as possible but it seems there is more to do than time will permit. We welcome any advice from seasoned repeaters.
    Meri and Denis

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    Try to get out on the catamaran.It runs a few days a week.Check out the piano bar with Ultimate Chocolate.It really is a blast.Just look at the activities guide and see what interests you but make sure you take time to enjoy the beach.It's beautiful and my favorite place to pass the day away.Enjoy your vacation at CSA.

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    We will be there from 1/23-2/2, so we'll overlap a bit. The great thing about CSA is that you can do as much or as little as you like. If you've never snorkeled before, by all means take advantage of the snorkel trips. Just reserve a spot one day ahead of time at the watersports hut. Hint: reserve the 11:00 snorkel trip; sometimes the waves kick up in the afternoon, and the 1:30 and 3:00 trips end up getting cancelled. The same goes for the Catamaran cruise, water skiing, hobie cats, all included.

    Take advantage of the Sports complex across the street. The spa is very nice since the upgrade. If you've ever wanted to take tennis lessons, this is the time and place. The jogging path is very nice since it was resurfaced a few years ago.

    Don't miss the Martini bar above the Palms.

    Don't miss Aura Lounge later in the evenings.

    Take the time every day to watch the fabulous sunsets. When else do you take the time out to just relax with the one you love and watch the sunset together?

    You really need to try a Bob Marley shot. They're an acquired taste, but nothing says Jamaica like a green, yellow, and black shot.

    Have the continental breakfast delivered to your room at least once. Even if you plan on going to breakfast later in the morning, the coffee is fabulous, and the fresh fruit is a wonderful way to start the day. They give you a 1/2 hour window for delivery, and we have never had to wait beyond that window for delivery, so it's very reliable.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Thanks for the advice. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming I am sure we will have a fabulous time no matter what we do.
    I am adventurous and will try just about anything once. The Bob Marley intrigues me as does the monkey brain. I have heard jumping from the cliffs at Rick's Cafe is also a must do. 56 more sleeps. If I don't plan things like what to wear, where to go I might go crazy waiting for the day to arrive.
    I'll look for you Bob and Judy to thank you in person...a round of Bob Marleys-my treat.

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    Hey Meri - the cliff diving is definitely a rush, if you like adventure you will love the dive. Keep those arms locked and at your sides.

    Where are you from in Canada? We live in Buffalo, and the company I work for is based in Ontario, so we feel like honorary Canadians.

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    Hi Bob and Judy
    We are from Sudbury Ontario-which is about a 4hr (depending on the weather) drive north of Toronto. we are flying out of Toronto lake effect snow should be done by end of Jan cross your fingers. Did Buffalo get allot of snow in the last few days? We have not gotten snow but it's been incredibly cold...54 days left till we start enjoying our trip. Too soon to pack?

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    Hi Meri - we got the famous lake effect snow last week. Where Bob works, near the Buffalo airport, they got over one meter. At our home, just north of the city of Buffalo, we got nothing.

    Do you have a direct flight out of Toronto? Are you going to stay the night before near Pearson, or make the drive from Sudbury the day of your flight? We have to connect in Charlotte out of Buffalo, but it's not too bad. We have had instances where it took so long to de-ice the plane, that we barely made our connection. Fingers crossed for January.

    Not too early to start packing - get those shorts and swimsuits out of storage and ready!

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