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    Hello All,

    My husband eats a fresh grapefruit everyday with his lunch. He has been doing this for 3 years. He used to get the flu every winter, since the grapefruit, he has not got sick!!! Seriously. So, can anyone tell me if they saw whole grapefruit at the buffet? We were ther this past April, they had them as decoration, he did get one that day, but after that we did not see them again all week. So, again has anyone seen them around?
    One Love,

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    Sorry, no grapefruit. Lots of fresh pineapple though.

    Life is good

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    Hi, Couples is so accommodating that I'm sure if you ask someone they will try to get some. If you do ask the chef, try to see if you can get a couple for your room (in case they don't have them one day), then you can just bring one down at lunch.

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    I thought I saw grapefruit at breakfast at CN in July. But not every morning......

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    Your husband could enjoy plenty of grapefruit juice. This also has vitamin C.

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    Just returned from CSA yesterday and there was most definitely ruby red grapefruit (sliced and peeled, not whole) on the breakfast buffet at the Palms everyday. We also ordered the room service breakfast with a fruit plate on a couple of mornings and grapefruit was included on that. The bars all have fresh grapefruit juice available.

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