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    After a VERY long wait (since august 2009), we are finally going to CSA in 2 weeks!!!!

    Can anybody give me some suggestions of the best way to call home to talk with my 5 year old little girl?
    I wouldnt feel right if I didnt call her....


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    I haven't tried it but Skype might be the best way. Have headphones on each end, one pair for daughter and one that you bring and then you can chat that way. Skype seems to work here on wifi in the room.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Go to the gift shop and ask, you have to ask for them, for the JusTalk cards. They are inexpensive and easy to use right from your room phone. The folks in the gift shop will be happy to go over the instructions for using them, very easy. No computers involved at either end, cost about $10 for a thirty minute card. A connection fee of a couple of dollars per call will be added to your hotel bill on check out. Still an economical way to call home. Remember to ask for them, they are not out on display.

    A couple of DON'T'S: Do not call collect, very expensive. Do not call using a long distance operator and a credit card, also VERY expensive. Either of these methods could cost upwards from a couple of bucks a minute to $8 or more per minute. You won't know for sure how much till you get the bill. No kidding.

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    Purchase a "Jus Talk" phone card at the Gift Shop when you arrive. You can get over an hour of time for $10.00 U.S. The resort will charge you a $2.00 per call connection fee but they are great and the cost is very reasonable. We are headed to CSA for our fourth visit in a few weeks and we always use the "Jus Talk" card to call our children and grandchildren.

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    Default calling home

    We always set up a time and have them call us at the resort. You can buy a international calling card in the u.s. and they can call and talk as long as you like. This way there are no charges to your room. We also buy one of the calling cards from the gift shop to have so we can call home if we miss the call. This way there is a fee charged to your room.....

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    We also buy an international calling card from home. We leave it with the people who we want to have call us. Just set up a time so you are in your room. Keep in mind any time differences. We found the best time is in the morning. Sometimes you get so bust having fun on the beach you forget to get back in time.

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    We just returned from CSA on 11/20 and used Skype to talk to our kids each day. It was perfect...and free!

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