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    Default Looking for laidback vacation - CSS?

    Hey everyone, we're coming to Jamaica January and this will be our first time at Couples. We're S veterans but have been disappointed with the overall experience the last two times, especially the food, so we've researched and are looking forward to visiting a Couples resort.

    What we look for the most in our vacations is - a laid back atmosphere, relaxing experience, not a lot of noise around us. We would love some advice as to what resort and/or rooms to stay in to minimize noise from neighbors upstairs/downstairs/next door. We're both light sleepers and that has bothered us in the past.

    We are also avid golfers and if anyone has played at either golf course or has experienced the golf it would be great to hear about that as well.

    I am leaning towards CSS as it appears to have the smallest block rooms spread around the resort. I don't like the two hour drive from MoBay, but if it is quiet and we can get some advice as to a nice, quiet room location, if the golf is good and if Dunn's River is worth a trip, then maybe it is the resort for us. But if there are opinions about a better resort, then I'd love to hear those too.

    Also, what has been anyone's experience with the overall food quality at the resorts?

    Sorry for the long winded post but as this is going to be our first visit to a Couples resort I would like to make the best decision possible.


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    Our first Couples experience was at CN in March and it was fantastic!

    The food quality at CN is superb and has a great variety of choices. The only restaurant we ate at once and not again was the Beach Grill for lunch (it had very fishy tasting calamari). We preferred the Cassava Terrace buffet for lunch because of the food options and the yummy, plentiful salad fixings. Although, the self-serve nachos and cheese at the Beach Grill was a delicious little treat each day after an afternoon lounging on the beach.

    CN may be a good choice for your first Couples experience because it is a smaller resort, the restaurants and bars are all centrally located, and the pool is a pleasing spot to relax if the wind is up on the beach. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and offers a great walk along Bloody Bay (the 2 mile stretch of famous 7 Mile beach). There's only 3 other resorts on Bloody Bay so although the CN beach is not private, it is not busy and the security guards do a great job of keeping vendors in check.

    My husband has golfed both at Negril Hills (when we were at CN) and the Sandals golf course in Ocho (where you would golf if staying at CSS). He has enjoyed both courses and the caddies at both are terrific, although he commented that the Ocho course is more of what an avid, experienced golfer may be pleased with- it's more lush, green, and challenging. But you're golfing in paradise, so regardless of the course, this Couples inclusion should be appreciated!!

    CSS is definitely on our to-do list and we are planning on a stay there in the next year or so as it's supposed to be very romantic, lush, quiet, and has a private beach- it has its own amazing attributes for sure (and from what we understand, a great Au Naturel beach). We couldn't give up the gorgeous Negril beach this time though and have booked CSA for March 2011. I think regardless of the resort you choose, you will be hooked on Couples like we are and will want to try them all.

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    There isn't a resort that is particularly more quiet than any other. Which resort is the quietest would vary week-to-week based upon the particular guests who are on property. We've stayed at all four Couples Resorts for 18 trips; we've stayed at CN most frequently, and there have been weeks where it's been very quiet and weeks where I wanted to smack some people. Fortunately, the latter are infrequent.

    Pick the resort that appeals to you the most, and hope that you've selected a week in which that resort won't be plagued by big out-of-control groups or people who can't hold their liquor.

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    We just returned from CSA in October and were very pleased with the quiet atmostphere. The resort we used to stay at seemed to have constant noise of some over loud speakers, announcements of activities, people hollering, etc. CSA was very quiet and relaxing everywhere from the beach to our room. It was amazing and we are planning to return again next year. I think all the resorts are known for that atmosphere so I think you can start picking your resort for other reasons that might appeal to you.

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    If CSS is calling to you, go for it. We love CN. To us CN has a laid back atmosphere with great food but if you want to get involved with all or some of the activities, you can. There is no pressure. Some times we go and feel like being all alone and other times we want to meet new people. All the Couples resorts are geared towards romance. You can't go wrong with whatever you choose. The service, the food and the atmosphere at all the resorts is exceptional.

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    CSS is perfect for what you are looking for. In fact I know of no place that is better for what you want. Do not miss a couples massage in the hideaway. One of the most relaxing experiences in the world! Enjoy!

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    I think CSS is the Couples resort for you. It is quiet and calm and the rooms are laid out beautifully. We love Dunns River Falls and would recommend it. We haven't golfed, but have heard from ones who went who had a great time. The drive to CSS from the airport was only 1 1/2 hours for us last December... the road is much improved from earlier. I'd recommend a one bedroom ocean suite. If you want to be closer to the action, then a beachfront room will fit you, but the balconies are not private as they all face the lawn and the beach, but for sitting and enjoying drinks while on the balcony that is enjoyable in these rooms.

    We have been to CSA, CTI and CSS. The beaches are bigger and better at CSA (Negril side) and the vendors come along the water line as well as others from neighboring resorts (water line only) and we enjoyed people watching there, but we love the quieter smaller charm of CSS too. The beach is very small, private (nobody but people at CSS are on the beach) but the footing is kind of slimy at times, yet we learned to get through it to enjoy the water anyway and we liked the calmness at the beach at CSS. If you are beach people, you may want to consider CSA or CN... but I think you'll enjoy CSS even with the smaller beach. You really can't go wrong with any Couples Resort, all are romantic and full of charm and of course the wonderful staff at each one.

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    Normally pretty quiet, We like the beachfront rooms because of the location, we were in B block next to the restaurant and that was a bit noisy in the early morning so they moved us to 'A' block, PERFECT

    No noise from the pool, the staff was having a party one night until the wee hours and we could hear the music from outside but not in our room.

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    I think CSS would be perfect for you. CSS has a very laid-back and quiet atmosphere. We found it to be the most quiet and laid-back of the four resorts. The resort is set back from the road so you don't get any road noise. The only noise that could perhaps disturb you would be in Building B (Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites) as they are close to the Palazzina restaurant which serves breakfast.

    The resort is very nicely laid out and you can take strolls through the property with your honey and you'll feel like you are the only two people at the resort. It is simply lovely. There is a huge pond that is wonderful for walking around or grabbing one of the free bikes and riding around the pond or the resort. There are multiple pools and we found the Mineral Pool to be the less used and quietest as it is next to the spa. There are wonderful massage huts dotting the hillside with wonderful views of the ocean where you can get a fabulous massage.

    The food at Couples is fabulous. Many choices and all are delicious. Plus, if you don't find something you like ask and usually they can fix you something you will enjoy.

    You will really enjoy Couples as it does not operate on a 'class' system like "S" does. No matter which room you choose you will receive the same fabulous service.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Default CSS is a perfect choice in my opinion

    We had our first couples experience at CSS last Jan - we are going back again this coming Jan (53 days and counting).

    As you can't request blocks, I suggest that you request a quiet room on checkin (or send them an email a few days before). The E block is right next to the bar so that can have noise so that would be a block to avoid.

    As to relaxing, we found it very relaxing. The property is wonderful for walks and nature.

    We spent our time at the mineral pool. It was so quiet, we often had it to ourselves and there are steps down to a small beach that was also quiet. They did not do any activities at this pool so it was peaceful.

    The food was great - we loved the Cassanova the best (dress up restaurant but we did not care). It is also the only resort where there is 24 hour room service. We found that really spoiled us (especially on the day we arrived as we were too tired to explore).

    Also for a real relaxing morning, there are cards in the room and you fill them out the night before for coffee and light breakfast and what time you want it delivered. You then sit on the balcony and enjoy the view. We very rarely were hungry enough for buffet breakfast but that is an option if the room service breakfast was not enough.

    Whatever choice you make, I am sure you will enjoy yourselves.

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