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    Default Returning Guests?

    Last year we went to Couples Negril in Dec of 2009. We are heading back but this time to Tower Isle next month. Are we considered returning guests? I am not sure since it is a different resort. Also I just signed up for the romance rewards program. How do I get my first 7 nights added to it? The returning dinner is within a few hours of us arriving to the resort next month and I was just curious if I needed to do anything.

    Thanks for any help!


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    As long as you have stayed at a Couples resort before you are considered a repeat stay guest. I would cntact the hotel directly and tell them that you are arriving a few hours before the repeat stay dinner is happening

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    Yes you are repeaters... doesn't matter which resort as long as it is one of the Couples resorts. You will get your invitation to the repeaters dinner when you check in. Email Seandymon about your romance rewards question and he'll take care of it pronto.

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    Oh, and also do the pre check in about a week before you leave for CTI... they will know you are coming and that you are a repeater this way.

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    You contact the person in charge of the Romance Rewards Program and they will credit your account. You will get the perks of a repeater once those days are credited. You'll get an invite to the dinner, a 30 minute couples massage and everything. It doesn't matter what resort you stay at, it just has to be a Couples Resort. Enjoy!

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