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    Default Hair dryers in rooms a CN

    This is a question for the ladies, I was wondering if the hairdryers in the rooms are strong enough to dry long hair in a reasonable amount of time? I don't want to bring mine if I don't have to but I don't want to spend 10 minutes or more drying my hair...

    Thanks for any info.!

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    I have fairly thick hair and past my shoulders. I did take my own dryer, but with no plug ins in the bathroom, I used CNs. It worked fine for me; I will not be taking my own dryer in February.

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    I habe long hair and although its not the is better than hauling one to Jamaica :-)

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    Nope. I have long, thick hair and with the humidity in JA, plus the lower amperage (voltage?) their hairdryers would take an hour to dry my hair.

    Even MY hair dryer takes a good solid 20 minutes.
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    We just got back from CN last week and the hair dryer in our room would only run for a few minutes and then over-heat. So, my wife was drying her hair in intervals. If you do bring your own, you will be able to plug it in, just not in the bathroom. However, both of the rooms we have had there had a big mirror above the table on one side of the bed and there are regular 110 outlets just below it, behind the table. If your hair is a big issue, you may want to bring your own. My wife's hair is very fine and even after a thorough drying, it would still frizz out within minutes of walking outside.

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    I found the hair dryers way to slow. I brought mine with me after that. I also brought a multi prong plug so I could run it along with straightener.

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    Hello, I have thin and naturally curly hair. I have to bring my own dryer because I use a diffuser attachment. I also bring an extension cord.
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    guess I'm lucky - I have very short hair and feel their dryers are just fine. Don't take my own with me. Do take a curling iron though in case I decide to curl it, then I do that in the room, not the bathroom

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    The one in our bathroom overheated the first time I used it on our first night just like dank was describing. I called and someone came to install a new one. It overheated a couple of times, but for the most part it was ok the rest of the trip, just slow going since I have thick naturally wavy hair that I straighten each day. I think the next time I'll bring my own. May have to "lug" it, but at least I know it will work and I won't have to worry about it.

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    can anyone tell me how long of an extension cord you need to reach the bathroom?

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    Default Mirror in room

    Hi lhenry,

    While I have short hair and the dryers work just fine at CN, there's a large mirror over one of the bedside tables in every room. You can dry your hair there, instead of bringing enough extension cords to snake into the bathroom.

    We bring a small outlet strip with us, and use several of the outlets on it - charging camera batteries, nightlight, elec toothbrush. It's handier than trying to get to the outlet each time. We got a small outlet strip at Harbor Freight for $3 or $4, and keep it in our suitcase.


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