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    Default What ONE thing drew you to your first Couples resort?

    People on this site frequently talk about being "drawn" to a particular Couples resort for that very first time -- how it "spoke to" them. And, in most cases, it turned out to be the perfect choice for that couple.

    So, I'm curious. Why did you pick the Couples resort you chose that very first time -- over one of the other Couples resorts, not over some non-Couples location. Why CN? or CSA? or CTI? or CSS?

    I'll start -- and I'll admit it was a crazy reason. A friend who'd been to CSA recommended Couples. So I was fixed on Negril. I liked the fact that CN had FEWER room choices than CSA -- I figured I was less likely to be unhappy that I'd chosen the "wrong" room. There were other reasons, but that was #1. We went, loved it, and now are going back for trip #6 -- all to CN.

    So, what ONE THING most called out to you???

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    Honestly? Racquetball. I was vacillating between CN and CSA (wanted to be able to run on the beach) and the racquetball courts won us over. DH is a die hard RB player and the idea of being able to play on vacation was just killer for him.
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    We were married at S Bahamas in 2003. We went back for our first anniversary in 2004. Sandals dropped our travel agent in 2005. We thought the $$ to go back to Nassau was a little too steep, so we were open to suggestion. Also, the weather in Nassau is not very tropical in December. Our agent suggested Couples Negril. She said that she and her husband go every year. We tried 5 nights. In 2006 we spent 7. We're spending 10 nights this year.
    CN is much smaller than S, and we found we liked the intimacy better. Also, the staff. They're so much more personal than S.
    S is a nice resort. They did a fabulous job on our wedding. Couples is just a much better (and more cost-efficient) fit for us. We'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

    Likka more, mi fren.

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    I had origanally picked CTI because of price but once looking at all of the resorts and reading up on them, decided on CSS because of the amazing looking location and the ocean view suites with the huge balconies and beautiful views!
    We go in Feb. so I guess time will tell if we made the right choice!!
    PS also CSS has the mini bar in the rooms and CTI did not unless booking a suite ($$) so a bit of that too LOL

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    We chose Couples b/c it was a couples-only resort. Which one wasn't difficult at all because the resort now called Couples Tower Isle was the only Couples Resort in February of 1998. We visited the newly-opened CN the following year and have been returning every year since.
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    We honeymooned in Jamaica many years ago and it was a disaster (not at Couples) so wanted to return. I normally do some off the beaten path trips thru out the Caribbean and had just had back and shoulder surgery so I wanted something all inclusive, smaller only adults and thru some research chose CN. My wife was very surprised I picked an AI as we have never done one previously but as I said with my surgerys I wanted to basically relax and enjoy the benefits. We are returning for our third trip in February (third visit in 18 months)as we loved both previous visits, could there be a fourth trip in the future hmmmmm Most likely. I also would like to say that with all my surgeries and ailments I have always been treated fantastic on check in and always been accomodated with a first floor room.

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    We chose CN and why it called us was the beach, the small intimate set up and the allure of the AN beach, although thats more in my mind than DW.

    But she agree's to go along, and I agree to just dream on....

    CN, 2009 and 2010, working on 2011 but DW is insisting on something new, so maybe CSS.


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    Very first time, I was staying at the Jamaica Grand in Ocho, we went to CTI for the A/N island. The resort was so fantastic, I promised myself when I come back to JA I would stay at Couples.

    This trip it was the A/N beach reviews of Sunset Beach that drew us to CSS

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    We originally wanted to go to an S resort, and then a friend of mine said did you ever think of Couples. So I researched the Couples resorts and found this message board and even on TA, Couples seemed to win over S. And the price was much better. We wanted a "Couples", All inclusive. Then we were to decide between the 4 resorts. This was for Nov 2009. CSS actually was the one that called out to me. Just seemed so beautiful, but we are beach people, and having been to neither Negril or Ocho Rios, we decided on Negril. Now it was between CN and CSA. The beautiful long beach, which makes for a less congested beach, the sports complex, disco, casino,... sold us right away on CSA. And having visited CN when we were there, we knew we made the right decision. Now we are ready to go back, and I want to go to CSS. My husband wanted to go back to CSA. He says we know we loved it so much, why would we want to go to another. I told him it's still a Couples resort,and we haven't been to Ocho Rios, so it's CSS in Jan. Can't wait. Hope he doesn't miss the beach, disco, and casino at CSA too much.

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    For us the major draw was the beach. We are beach lovers...the choice was either CSA or CN. The hammock on the balcony and the no TV in the room is what drew us to CSA. We had a fabulous vacation and hope to return this winter...

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    For us it was simple. No children, Awesome beach, And the Most important was we didnít want to stay at some huge impersonal Mega Resort. CSA looked like a great match but once I found the message board I was sure we had made the right choice. Only 183 days till we go back.

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    Default We just got lucky!

    I had always wanted to visit a Couples or a S. I called my TA and asked for quotes for Jamaica resorts (had done other AI resorts) for Xmas or spring break. Once my TA called me and said a Couples was on sale. I'd always wanted to go and couldn't believe my luck...and that is how we ended up at Tower Isle. My boyfriend is a big water sports person. The staff at CTI took him under their wing as if he was family...He likes to keep busy, I like to relax and lay on the beach all day. To me, CTI feels like you could live there. It's so quaint! We are booked for April 2011 spring break mon!

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    We had wanted to try a couples only resort as our kids had grown and no longer wanted to vacation with us.I had always wanted to go to Jamaica and because I love the beach I decided on Swept Away.We loved CSA and Jamaica.The next year I wanted to try the Ochos Rios side.The pictures of Sans Souci had intrigued me so we decided to go there.I must admit when we booked Couples did not own it but took over ownership the next week.Lucky for us.We had a great time and loved the resort but I personally like the Negril side.So we have returned to to CSA ever since however this year will do Trading Places and perhaps next time try Couples Negril.

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    A full package without all the extra charges and not a class system resort based on what you pay for your room.

    The others resort do the above, it is not the way to do business in my opinion.
    Irie Mon

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    Interesting thread! I'm curious to read everyone's responses.

    For us, it's not one thing so please forgive me for rambling on.

    We had gotten married in JA at another AI (not Couples). We went back for our 1 year anniversary and had a terrible time, but fortunately met a couple who went on and on about how wonderful Couples was, as they had been to CN before. We vacationed with them again later on that year and were hooked! (And on a side note, when I looked back at my wedding planning stuff, I found out that it was down to Couples and the resort we ultimately ended up choosing).

    We went to CN a few times, then decided to branch out and do a split between CSS/CSA. We fell in absolute LOVE with CSA and that will be where we return when we go back for the third time (just to CSA).

    I know for a lot of people that they have a preference for the first Couples resort they visit, but for us ours changed over time. Walking to the beat of our own drum, I guess.

    We enjoyed CN, but CSA is more of a fit for us. The workout facility is amazing, we love how spread out the resort is, walking the beach and seeing so many different things is awesome (we've been twice and still haven't seen it all). The only thing that CN beats CSA on hands down in the pool area. Funny, seeing that we mostly hang out at the pool when we are there.

    I LOVE the fact that Couples is a "couples only" resort, and even when I've researched other resorts, I can't seem to even consider going to a resort that is NOT couples only. We love that the whole resort is themed around romance. Couples... it's a beautiful thing!
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    We were looking for a place to spend our honeymoon, 25 years late. And wanted some place tropical with a beach. I love the beach. We looked online for months at places from the south Pacific to all over the Caribbean. We narrowed our search to Jamaica, 'cause we like the people and I had heard many years ago of Negril being a great place to relax and enjoy the beach. We picked CSA because of the description and pictures on the Couples web site and because of the passion displayed by so many loyal folks on the message board. We plunked down our dollars about six months before our trip and started hoping we had made a good choice.

    We did. Now we are among those loyal folks on the message board and are going back home once again in June. We will be celebrating our 31st anniversary and our 5th honeymoon at CSA on this trip.

    And man, do I love that beach!

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    I had booked another AI in Ocho and found out the facility was under renovation so I started looking elsewhere. I typed in something to the effect of 'couples only, all-inclusive, WiFi included' and Couples came up. At the time there were only 3 Couples. I had decided that I didn't want to go to Ocho and I did want to see the beaches of Negril. I wanted a swim-up bar and at the time CSA did not have one so that left CN. I found out that they have free WiFi and we were sold!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSA for the small resort size and intimate feel of the resort and the beachfront suites. It didn't disappoint 10 years ago, and we've been going back and will continue to do so.

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    * No kids
    * Couples Only
    * No Tipping

    those were the three things that started my search... we ended up at Couples and then discovered all its glory... now we'll never go to another resort in Jamaica.

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    No extra charges, Adults only, and the free golf. In 2009 we were planning originally planning on staying at the resort next to CN, but they had removed the offer of free golf. We have never looked back! Can't wait till March 2011

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    We had two trips to Jamaica before we even heard about Couples. My wife Sylvia taught tennis at Bosco Belle Beach Resort. It is a few miles past Couples. On our way home from the second trip, we noticed the "island" and asked the driver what it was for. He stopped the van so that we could get a look at TI, and he told us about Couples Ocho Rios. At the time, 1994, it was the only Couples in existence.
    When we got back home, Syl checked with the organization that was sending her to resorts to teach. Couples was on the list. That's all we needed to know. In October 1995, we had our first visit. The rest, as they say, is history. Syl taught tennis there for the next five years. By then, we were hooked on COR and we never looked back. Couples changed our lives forever. This coming April will be our 31 visit.


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    We were deciding between CN and "S" resort in Negril and we loved that at Couples everyone is treated the same no matter what category of room you book, non of that butler stuff. We'd way rather book a lower category room as stay longer! You won't feel any "lower class" than anyone else at Couples, I got that vibe from the "S" resort.
    After reading TA and this message board I was also convinced the food was better at Couples, we know we made the perfect choice LOVED CN so now we're trying CSA in April 2011. Can't wait!

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    I chose CTI for two reasons 1) because it's couples only- we are going for our wedding. And as a young couple with no children, I did not want to share my wedding and honeymoon with them. 2) CTI was the ORIGINAL and I just love the history of how it was the exclusive celebrity spot in the 50s. It just gives it a vintage charm no other AI in Jamaica can offer.

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    No kids.

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    Someone gave me a brochure for the S resorts, and after my wife and I decided we wanted to go to Jamaica because of the scenery, I looked at the Couples website because my parents had gone to COR back in the 80s and had a great time. Then my boss returned from a trip to Negril where he stayed at two different resorts, one of which was CSA, and said he wished they had spent the entire time at CSA. They all looked so great that I was just going to do the SR, but when the time came, there was no SR option for the time we wanted (early April '08), so we just booked CSA based on my boss' recommendation. This year we tried CN, and we'll try CSS in May, but we're both anxious to get back to CSA.

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