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    My husband and I are going to be staying at CTI very soon! I am worried about what I should wear..I have packed a lot of light dresses to wear during the days. Are they appropriate to wear on excursions and such? I feel like I will be in my bathing suit a lot so I thought light cover ups and dresses would be the way to go. Any suggestions??

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    I would advise you not to pack all those "clothes" for during the day. You will not be wearing them. Just bring maybe a pair of shorts and a tank for any day excursions like shopping. But the only time you'll be dressed (other than a swimsuit) will be at nite. And you can bring one mini skirt and use it several times with different tops etc.. You'll need a coverup for your swimsuit for when you go to lunch. You really won't be wearing dresses during the day, so save the room in your suitcase. Have a great time!

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    Also, depending on the excursion, you may want a pair of longer shorts (think almost knee length) rather than a skirt or dress. I always pack more clothes than I ever get to wear, but I learned the hard way that it's important to bring a cover up or shirt with sleeves to moderate how much sun you get!

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    go to the search link at the top of this page and type in packing list and go to the post that says carry on only, it's by pamela and it's a great list not too much not too little. I couldn't do just the carry on, but did do 1 lg. bag and a carry on. good luck and have a great time. Hubby and I leave 12-8- and return on the 15. very excited..

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    Even if you feel 100% comfortable in just your bathing suit, I'd say yes, bring those CASUAL sundress/cover-up dresses by all means. Besides heading to the washrooms or getting drinks, what about breakfast and lunch? You will need some cover over your bathing suit as you can't go in there in just your bathing suit.
    I have several very casual Old Navy type, cotton or tube top type cover up dresses I plan to live in during the day when I'm not tanning in my chair or swimming. I just don't liek walking around in lycra.
    As for excursions, I may wear shorts, or again I may wear the dresses. I only plan to bring 1 or 2 pairs of shorts.
    I have quick dry rashie type shirts for trips like Dunn's or the cat cruise.
    For dinners I will wear nicer dresses or 1 pair of capris I'll bring.
    Definitely pack what you are most comfortable in, but I'd expect it to include more than just a swim suit during the day.

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    You really do end up living in your swimsuits so I suggest several of those. You will only need 'day' clothes if you plan to go off site. Otherwise a few sundresses will do for the evening. And you only have your evening clothes on for a couple of hours so it is fine to wear them more than one time. I usually bring a couple skirts and then 3-4 tops to mix and match. Remember to bring some Woolite to rinse out your swimsuits. They get a bit rank and need some rinsing and with the humidity things take a bit of time to dry, so plan to bring several suits.
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    Get there, go out to the island..........NO CLOTHES NEEDED!!!!!!!!
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    I get up in the morning and put on the swimsuit and then a cotton skirt and tank as a cover up to head to breakfast. Eat at the grill and you don't need a cover up, but if you eat at the buffet, put on a cover up. If you go to Dunn's River, you will wear your swimsuit, so just a cover up for the ride and leave it in the van. Cat Cruise, you only wear your swimsuit and take your towel. Really, you can wear a sundress as your cover up and no one will notice if you wear it more than once. You REALLY do wear swimwear all the time except for dinner, then again, if you want to eat at the grill (closed during dinner hours but does reopen)it doesn't matter what you wear. We always get an appetizer/snack to take the room to have before dinner while we shower and change for dinner. I took a cotton skirt last year with a couple of tanks and then my wraps, two pair of shorts (for travel) and then something for dinner each evening as well as work out clothes--again a couple of work out shorts and then just wore the tank from day before that used as a cover up. I only took one sports bra as I forgot to pack the others and ended up washing it out.

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    Well, I read on another forum that it is cold in Jamaica right now, and windy by the water. The poster is wearing long pants and a sweater during the day and suggesting people pack warm clothes.

    Yes, this may be a short cold front passing through, but what if it passes through when we are there? I know what that's like. It got cold and windy for a few days in Turks & Caicos. I had to go shopping for a warm hoody. I thought Jamaica was far enough South to avoid that. I guess not.

    Anyway, it would really suck to go with only bathing suits for the day time and skimpy dresses for the evening and have a cold snap. I am definitely packing a few alternative day time clothes (yoga pants/capris and tank/t-shirts) in case it's not beach weather, plus a sweater I can wear over my dresses (I had to do that on the cruise since the dining rooms are Freezing)

    If I pack it, I won't need it, right? But better to have it than be cold, trust me.

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    I second the "bring warm clothes" plan. We just returned on Sat from CSA and it was indeed alot colder than normal. I was very glad I had my heavy cardigan sweater (which I had brough mainly to go see Ultimate Chocolate) and wore it to dinner most nights.

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    I suggest if you plan on trying the island, do it the first day. Then you dont have to worry about what to wear...because you wear nothing. No worries, no stress. I felt better on the island than on the textile beach. I am so ready to go back. Otherwise, it depends on the excursion you are going on.

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