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    Default live from CN

    We are here right now for our tenth time at CN. There are one million reasons why but #1 is the staff. A HUGE shout out to the staff of CN who remind us every time why we "make it Couple Negril"! It is so nice to be "HOME"!!!!

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    What's new there? Our countdown clock says 27 days!!!
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    Not much new. The floor/deck of the beach grill is a really nice dark wood and new chairs in the internet room. What's not "new" is the same people we love, the same food and drink we love and the same wonderful vibe we love are all just perfect!

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    You're killin' me!!! I can't wait to leave on Thursday!!! Save me a Red Stripe!!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    She's not lyin'. it's amazing here. We have been here since friday and so far my only disappointment is not palm hearts at the salad bar. The weather is perfect, the staff is really and truly better than ever. Our room is great (bldg 7). It is going to be very hard to go back to winter in the midwest. Time to start the countdown for next year, I guess.

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    I know you are busy having fun but please send us an update every now and then. We are all so jealous!

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    How do u get the countdown clock?

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    I found my countdown clock in my google apps!

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    Hi Kandi;

    My parents will be staying in building 7 next month and i have a question. Daddy uses a walker, will he have any trouble getting to the piano bar and lobby? I know they are in building 7 because I pre booked a handicapped room for them. Would going around the front of the main building work better for him than going up by the pool? TY for any information!


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    Quote Originally Posted by spice505 View Post
    How do u get the countdown clock?
    Windows 7 Gadgets.
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    Default Day 2

    Well more of the same old stuff! Fabulous food, fabulous drink, fabulous STAFF! Man it's always the same here! Haha! Dove this morning but too rough to dive this afternoon. That's ok! Hubby and I had a wonderful massage and now are waiting to have dinner. Wow! I LOVE CN!

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    Default Marnie

    You are exactly right. if you go behind bldg 7 you can walk up to the lobby without the stairs. Didn't know this so i went exploring!

    Bldg is 7 is perfect for location to the restaurants and beach too. and very quiet at night-some road noise but that doesn't really bother us. hope they have a blast.

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