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    Default CSS area activities

    Hi there, we are coming to CSS in Feb with another couple following us a few days later.
    They have invited yet another couple to join in sometime during the trip but that couple is not big into water activities or lazing on the beach.
    They are considering tagging along with us but we are wondering what other activities are in and around the area that they could do?
    We know golf of course and the Dunns river falls tour but what other things could we tempt them with?
    Thanks in advance for all and any ideas!!

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    A visit to Magic Mountain might be fun. It's not the cheapest of activities (not included at CSS), but we had a great time last year. We did the tranopy-"bobsled"-zipline tour. At the top, there is a water slide and bar/restaurant along with a nice educational display about Jamaican olympians and other facets of the culture. The zipline is not for those with a fear of heights tho! Bobsled is on a track run and my only complaint was that the ride could have been longer.

    The other activity that I haven't done, but others may be able to comment on, would be a Blue Mountain coffee tour. I think I read a post a while back about the bike/coffee plantation tour, which is an all-day event, but sounds interesting.

    I think we will just miss each other at CSS, we arrive on the 21st (77 days and counting!)

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    I hadn't heard about the availability of the Blue Mountain Tour. Would CSS tour desk have the info or should we look online elsewhere? The Zipline will also be interesting to try. My wife is not big on heights but she's game to try most things.

    I have heard others going in for a shopping dayand then there is snorkeling and the 'cat' boat tours!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    You can't actually do the catamaran tour at CSS because it can't get in to dock for loading. That said, Chukka Cove has a website with numerous tour options (we did their zipline and enjoyed it) in the Ocho Rios area. You can research and debate ahead of time and then book the tour at the resort. If you are more spontaneous, Couples provides fliers for excursions in your room that you can look through after you are there.

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    Cranbrook Flower Forest is wonderful - gorgeous flowers, and a very easy hike through a rain forest. Also Wassi Art - a pottery cooperative - an interesting visit (you can tour their studio), and some wonderful pottery to buy (they will ship it home for you). Nine Mile is another trip, a bit further, but it is wonderful - not only do you get to see Bob Marley's birthplace, you also get some amazing scenery on the way.


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    Default Don't do anything

    I actually put together an Excel spreadsheet of the activities I wanted to partake in for the week we visited back in April. Yes, a little too organized on my part but there is so much to do that I didn't want to miss any of it. Let me tell ya, this was the first annual vacation ever that we never left the resort, except to go back to the airport. There is sooooo much to do at CSS, or not!

    I would suggest checking out the hat weaving class and making yourself a souvenir, and don't forget to tip that wonderful man that teaches you, if nothing more than for his patience. And wrap the hat in your clothes and pack in your checked bag. Mine is now hanging on the wall at home and is a great conversaion piece.

    Make sure you do wear water shoes into the water at all times. My husband had a painful encounter with a sea critter.

    OMG, I fell in love with the mineral pool and the quiet ambience there. I dislike pools but something about that mineral pool keeps me wishing I were still floating there.

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    I highly recommend the blue mountain bicycle tour. It was alot of fun and you are gone all day with a long bus ride and then the coast down the blue mountains on the bike. We booked ours through the tour desk at CTI the day before so I'd think it would be the same at CSS. The also have a website with pictures and a facebook page.

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    Are they reggae fans? If so, the trip to Bob Marley's at Nine Mile is a must! I have been twice now and it was the highlight of both trips! You can book it with Chukka Tours, taking the Zion Bus. The tour desk will have all of the information or you can look at their website:

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    Terriv, do you mean wear water shoes even at the beach in the water? Can you buy them at the resort?

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    Great advice Terriv!! I, too have a bunch of things I want to do, but am worried about not enough "nothing" time LOL
    Oh well, two weeks may not be long enough for all I want to do, I guess it is a great reason to go back again!

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