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    Default Couples Tower Isle-Wifi / Internet

    Does anyone know what the charge is for this if any? Thanks

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    Couples resorts provides free WiFi

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    There is no charge to use the internet or wi-fi.

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    No charge. Included! Yea Couples!! There is also a computer room with free computers if you don't want to bring your laptop.
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    No charge my friend....No problem mon!

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    Its included

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    They have a computer room with about 10 to 12 terminals. There is no charge to use this room anytime day or night. I hav enever taken a laptop to use the Wifi, but I have never heard of there being any kind of charge for this either.
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    Default WiFi

    The WiFi is free, but probably won't be available in your room unless there has been a recent upgrade. I was able to get a signal in the lobby and in one of the rooms we stayed in, but that was on the second floor just above the lobby.

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    It's included. You know, all-inclusive? That's where Couples is different from the rest.
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