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    FI and I are going to CTI on our honeymoon next July, I was just reading the carryon luggage thread that someone suggested. My question is if you do carryon only, and put sunscreen in all of your little 3 ounce bottles in your one zip loc baggie. What do you do about shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. And also aerosol cans of shaving gel cant be brought on a carry on at all. Paying $20.00 to check a bag for just those things would definitely be better than having to buy all of those things at the sundry shop.

    What do you guys do about all of those things??

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    We use one of our baggies for six 3-oz. tubes of Neutrogena sunblock, although if you work on stretching the baggie, you can fit in seven tubes; if we need more (and we haven't on our three trips this year), we simply buy it at the sundries store. Our other liquids go in the other baggie, but we buy things like shampoo and conditioner at the resort. The resort does supply for free a "conditioning shampoo" and body wash that will be replenished as often as you need. My husband uses an electric shaver when we travel, so no need for an aerosol can of shaving gel.

    It's not about saving money for us (if it was, we would stay in a less expensive room, wouldn't fly first class, and wouldn't fly on TimAir); we have notoriously bad travel luck and don't want our luggage lost. On most of our trips, we've seen at least one couple whose luggage didn't arrive with them. One unfortunate pair didn't receive their luggage until their third day at the resort.

    We've both traveled extensively for work-related reasons and have become very efficient packers. By the time you've visited some place 10+ times, you're likely to have figured out what you need, what you'll use, and what is simply just taking up space in your luggage.
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