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    Default CSA Beach at night

    My fiance and I are Couples (and Jamaica) newbies but are planning to be married at CSA next December! We would love to have a private beach dinner and reception (starts around 6:30) but are worried about bugs/sand fleas on the beach at night.

    Could anyone offer any advice or past experiences? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Sometimes when we are there it is AWFUL and sometimes we don't get bitten at all. Sprays don't seem to help when it's bad and I haven't figured out why it is bad some years but not other years at the same time. This year we went twice and one time I was covered with bites and we didn't even go on the sand very much, never at night. Once I was fine. I got bites on my face right before our vow renewal.
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    First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and choosing CSA for your destination. You will love CSA.

    I assume you are not implying that you want a "private" reception on the beach. Private beach dinners are just for couples, a table for two. An evening reception on the beach is probably not going to be practical. Beach bars will be closed and food will not be available on the beach for a reception group. However, don't take my opinions as expert, or even all that knowledgeable. Speak to the wedding planners at CSA. They will be able to inform you of all your options and make the necessary arrangements for you.

    Geez, I wasn't much help.

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    Thanks for the information! Sounds like it is pretty much hit or miss, but we are just unsure if we should take the risk.

    dirtleg - Thanks! I guess I could have been more specific. Couples offers a private wedding reception for the bride, groom and wedding guests only on the beach and includes a buffet dinner and drinks as an addition to their wedding packages. It sounds amazing, but we are concerned after hearing some stories of the sand fleas at night.

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    Ok, yeah. See, I was not even aware that they offered such an event for wedding parties. Sounds pretty cool. Since you are worried about sand fleas and such critters on the beach at night I have some useless advice about that also. We have been on the beach at night for the beach party/buffet night on each of our trips to CSA. We have had no problems with bites or stings. We have used repellent and we have gone without, and had no problems either way. I would suggest that using a decent insect repellent from the knees down would protect most folks from the beach critters. We have had more annoyance from mosquitos than from sand fleas.

    So yeah, it is a bit of a gamble to plan a reception on the beach at night. For another 2 cents worth; we had a vow renewal on the beach for our anniversary a few years ago. No planned guests, but several folks attended directly from the beach and tennis courts. We were pretty informal. Anyway, we had an impromptu reception at the Palms that evening with several of our guests and a few folks that happened to be sitting near by at dinner. It was great fun. So there is the option of just gathering your guests at a corner of Palms, Bogart a bunch of tables, and having your reception that way. Just an idea, your mileage may vary.

    Good luck with your plans and hang in there. What ever you wind up doing you will love doing it at CSA. It is a beautiful place and you are in for a great time and a wonderful vacation/honeymoon.

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    we did a romantic dinner for two on the beach and can not recall using bug spray or being bit at all. Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere and pretty bride that distracted me from all that other stuff.
    Have fun!

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    We just got married at CSA on Dec 1, 2010. We had a private beach dinner for the two of us that evening. I did spray bug spray on my legs (the only time I used the spray the entire 7 days) and not one bite.

    You will have an amazing wedding. We are already planning our 'first' anniversary trip for next year.

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    Sand fleas love me. I have to be cautious and make sure that we are diligent in spraying down often (I bring more bug spray than I do sun lotion ha ha). The only thing I can say is that everyone is different when it comes to sand flea reactions. I get it really bad but others don't. And yes the sand fleas are worse in the evening/night.

    Kevin & Angie

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