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Thread: WiFi at CSS

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    Default WiFi at CSS

    Can anyone tell me if buildings A & B have WiFi?

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    Yes we were in B building a couple of weeks ago, wifi no problem

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    Bldg A & B do have free WiFi. The Wifi is much improved from a few years ago.
    Isn't technmology wonderful!

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    B does i'm not sure about A

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    We also had Wifi on the AN beach!!!!

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    We had a great signal in G block while we were there last month.

    I had no idea that the AN beach had Wifi as well. We spent all week there, and neither of us ever even thought to check!

    Not that I really needed internet access from the beach, but it is yet another inclusion that Couples offers, that is above and beyond the rest of the resorts...

    Two thumbs up!

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