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    Do you have the run down on the CSS evening entertainment. When is the Gala, Repeaters, beach party and such???? Thanks,

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    Hey Barry can't wait to see what you think of CSS. Here's a run down:
    Tuesday night beach party
    Wednesday night lobster night
    Thursday night the repeaters dinner
    Friday night the fabulous Starlight Gala

    You might want to check and see what the repeaters dinner menu is last time we went it was super fancy but the only corse I liked was dessert. Every corse had something in it I don't like and I'm not that picky just don't like liver, tomatoe soup, fish or lamb so I ate the wonderful dessert and went back to the room and ordered a filet. Gotta love that room service make sure to give it a try. Here's a link to the activity schedule:

    Here's a link to our pictures:

    If you don't mind the steps the one bedroom ocean balcony suites are our favorite especially buildings E & G. I hear the penthouses in D are fab to. Love the big rooms on the cliff best but many prefer the beachfront to avoid the steps.

    If you think of any questions ask away or email

    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    You are , (as they say) DA BOMB!!!! Thanks a bunch. I can't wait. Seems like we have been waiting 2.5 years now....
    Can't say I am a fan of Liver either...Patty is REALLY excited about room service. She really wants to have a nice romantic dinner in the room one night. “I can see it all now... Nice bottle of wine (or two), a great dinner, sweet dessert, a nice after dinner drink and my beauty sitting on our private balcony with the warm sea breezes lightly blowing the scent of jasmine in the air… Heaven on earth!”

    We are actually in the one BR balcony Suite!!!!! On your suggestion in a past post I might add.

    Thanks again, Be on the look out for an e-mail with other questions.

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    No problem I think you and Patty will have a fantastic time. The grounds will blow you away. Nothing like any other Couples and rivals many small caribbean arboretums I've been to. Make sure to take your camera and go exploring. Here's just a little preview:
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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