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    Default CN Review Nov 20-Dec 4

    CN Review Nov 20-Dec 4, 2010 (8th trip)

    Travel Firsts
    Jet Blue -loved the extra leg room and would definitely fly with them again.

    Tim Air -was slow leaving Montego Bay so I would say we only saved about 30 minutes overall. Had to wait 15 minutes for the Tim Air representative to show up to take us to their terminal and then had to wait at the gate for the plane. Plane was very small with two couples, the pilot and lots of luggage. I thought it was a bit scary. On the return flight the plane was bigger with 3 couples so it was not quite as scary.

    It was our 8th visit and our first ever 2-week vacation. Asked for building 1 and if possible for room 1109 which we had on our previous visit in April. We were told if we wanted 1109 we would have to wait but could be put in another room in that building immediately. We waited approximately 20 minutes and were in the room we wanted.
    Canít complain about that!

    Beautiful as usual. Plenty of chairs and floats no matter what time you arrived. What I donít love is the Jet Skiís zooming back and forth. They smell and are annoying too!
    Water was calm and clear until our last day and then the waves were like the Atlantic Ocean and the wind was like Aruba.

    There are some new employees but still lots of long timers too. Itís nice to see some of the trainees on our last visit are now regular employees. As always this is where Couples shines and is one of the main reasons we continue to return. It is difficult to list all of the ones that made an impression because they are all so great. One standout is Comecia in the Cassava during breakfast and lunch. This girl never stops moving and has the rest of the staff happily moving along with her. When she is there your coffee cup and water glass is never empty. You do not wait for anything you need. She is amazing!

    Romance Rewards
    Pre-registered online for the candle/oil but received T Shirts again. Didnít bother trying to exchange for the correct items. Gave one shirt away and tie dyed the other one. We did receive our $100 check at the end of our visit. I think this is all changing in 2011 anyway.

    Guests at CN
    We always enjoy meeting new and old friends. One thing I would like to mention is that some of the guests are really rude to the staff. I always feel so bad when I hear people barking orders. A simple please and thank you with a smile goes a long way. The employees at CN go above and beyond and should be treated accordingly. Some are more outgoing than others but all are polite, pleasant and helpful.

    Trading Places Program (CSA)
    Liked: Long Bay (bigger than Bloody Bay), more restaurant options (including a sit-down lunch), sweet potato chips and being able to walk off the resort to other restaurants and bars (without hailing a cab)
    Didnít Like: that it is very spread out and much bigger than CN and was difficult to get chairs due to chair saving.

    Sunset Bar Shuttle
    Went to Push Cart Restaurant on the cliffs. Loved seeing the sunset from there and enjoying the food and drinks. Wish they would change where it goes every so often so we can see other places on the cliff.

    Changes at CN
    Floorboards replaced and stained at the beach bar/Heliconia Restaurant and the cement floor by the grill painted. This took place during our visit. The first few days we were there the bar was closed. After that it was open but a lot of hammering and sawing going on. One night the grill was closed. Unlucky for us but it has to be done sometime.

    New Cappuccino/Espresso Machine with fresh coffee beans. Must be made by an employee. No longer self serve.

    New Hummus Platter with grilled pita and veggies

    New Veggie Patty in addition to the chicken & beef

    Popcorn Machine is back in the game room. No popcorn on our last visit.

    Boogie Boards (I think this is new) to ride the waves when there are waves

    New Surf Board that you stand on and paddle

    Heliconia is no longer Italian. Big disappointment as this was our favorite restaurant!!

    Pizza is gone

    Beans and guacamole for the nachos are gone (sour cream and salsa still available)

    New Beach Musician ďDonnavanĒ came every day and is giving the ďold guysĒ a run for their money.

    We had a wonderful 2-week vacation with the best weather we have ever had. It rained for 15 minutes on our last night. The rest of the time was sunny and hot hot hot! With the terrible economy in the US and the prices rising at Couples we donít know when we will return but we hope to some day.

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    Ooooh. They have a Stand-Up Paddleboard! AKA SUP. I hope they have one of those at CSA, too. Someday, I'd love to stay at CSA for two weeks. I'm jealous. Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for the review.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobob View Post
    . . . . Heliconia is no longer Italian . . . .
    What is it now?
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobob View Post
    CN Review Nov 20-Dec 4, 2010 (8th trip)

    Heliconia is no longer Italian. Big disappointment as this was our favorite restaurant!!
    Say it isn't so!!!!!

    That was our favorite restaurant at CN!

    Is Tyrone still there? I will have to give Misja a piece of my mind next month!!!
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    Thank you for your review - we were at CSA from 11/19 to 12/1, so we were probably there when you came for your Trading Spaces (you would have recognized us as the immobile couple on the beach)!! :-)

    We had a great time too, and were really happy with the weather - thank you Mother Nature!!

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    Mobob...thanks for the review, well done, will be there in April. Love CN!!

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    Thanks for the fantastic review! Makes me even more excited to go on Jan15th! What type of food is at Helconia now?

    Glad to hear to you had great weather...that just makes the vacation so much more pleasing when you get the hot bright sun we go down there for!!

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    Thank you so much for posting the great, detailed review! You almost make me want to change my reservation at CSA for CN, especially hearing that there's a chair game being played now at CSA??? Oh no, please say it isn't so! One of the reasons we like Couples is that it seems the towel/chair game isn't played at any of the resorts and there's plenty of shade/chairs for everyone.

    CN has paddle boards now?? I wanted to try Paddle boarding in Hawaii but was too much of a chicken. Would try it in Jamaica for sure. Does anyone know if they have paddle boards now at CSA?

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    If Heliconia isn't Italian, what is it? I'm very sad too as I really enjoyed it.

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    Great review. We were there Nov 10-20, they had just started with the deck replacement. We are going back in Feb, so hopefully by then it will all be done. The hummus plate was one of my favorites for lunch. Delish!! It really is too bad that some guests can be so demanding and rude. A little kindness does go a long way and the staff work so hard to make everything so great, how can you not say thank you???

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    HEY MO!!
    Nice review!
    Disappointed about Helconia.....I wanted to ask you what they do serve but I will find out for myself tomorrow!!!
    Glad you had a great time....!!

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    Thanks for a great review. We were there in November and they had changed the menu. I, too, was disappointed because I loved the Italian made that restaurant unique and I thought Itanian food to be romantic...maybe if enough of us make the request, they will change it back. It was my favorite restaurant until they changed it. Now, it serves food like the Cassova does.

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    It is very similar to the sit down dinner at Cassava. Varies a little but basically they both have a chicken, a fish, a beef, a pasta, and a vegetarian,sometimes lamb. Only one pasta entree that was with an alfredo sauce or when the menu changed it was shrimp mac & cheese. Food was great as usually but we really missed the Italian. I think it gave the feeling of having one less restaurant.

    Hey Deet enjoy your vacation.

    Wally- Sorry I don't know Tyrone.

    Custer- Deck was done before we left on that side of the pool. It didn't seem they were going to do the other side now. Maybe because its getting close to high season.

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    Oh No....we ate at Heliconia at least 3 times during our stays....I'll starve.....LOL
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    Mobob - very nice review! And, TWO WEEKS must have been awesome as well. Please provide more info. on the Heliconia Rest. - we would appreciate knowing what kind of food they are now serving if not Italian? I would also like to know if CSA has the stand up paddle boards? Can anyone answer this question? Thanks!

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