Hi all.

We're down to 3 weeks until CSS. (Woohoooooooo) and let me tell you, we're coming LIMPING into this trip.

Last trip to CSS we stayed in a 1BR BFS, which we personally didn't care for. Nice, but not our cup of tea, per se. In reading other posts, it appears that not all 1 BR Ocean Suites have the "BIG" balcony. (You know, the one with the double lounger, etc.) and as we DO spend a lot of time in our room... (cough, cough) I would like to request one of those. (I know it's not a guarantee. I know. But it never hurts to ask, right??)

So I know that G Block has those. Does anyone else know which blocks have the big ole balconies? And what were the pros/cons of being there.

Note: I run marathons. Steps are NOT a con.