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    Default How about an Asian restaurant at CSS

    Since the other 3 restaurants now have an Asian/Thai/Pan-Asian restaurant:

    CSA: Lemongrass
    CTI: Bayside
    CN: Lychee

    I, personally, think it's time for CSS to follow suit. We absolutely LOVE the food at Lemongrass and Bayside. (Haven't eaten at Lychee, but I'm assuming it's spectacular as well) and I think it's the ONLY thing that's missing from CSS.

    What say you fellow MB'ers?
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    I say they could do with another restaurant at CSS, regardless of what it is. Although asian would be good.

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    Could it be open by February 2011?!!

    Seriously though, I agree it would be a great addition to CSS, however, since the guest capacity is smaller, it would probably have to replace one of the existing restaurants.

    I would be thrilled to see Asian/Thai options on the room service menu.

    One disappointing aspect of trading places, in my view, is that you cannot stay for dinner, even an early seating at the opposite resort.

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    that sounds good to me. wife and i are booked for CSS next May and that was the one thing we were somewhat concerned about. wife doesn't like bland food, so lemongrass and lychee were always the favorites at CSA and CN.

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