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    Default CSA Atrium Room & Beach

    Can anyone tell me if the Atrium Rooms now have minibars? I heard they did but wasn't sure. Also, how is the beach looking these days on the old side of the resort? When we were there in Nov 09 the beach was so huge...just like it used to be.

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    We got back on November 7th...our Atrium Suite had a minibar and my understanding is that they all do now. Hard to say about the beach...the beaches were wonderful when we arrived but we were there at the tail end of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Tomas and the beaches were quite narrow/eroded by the time we left, but the resort staff were already working on cleaning it up when we left

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    I understand that all Atrium rooms now have mini bars, nice addition. We are staying in an Atrium room for the first time next summer after 4 stays in Ocean Verandah rooms over the years. Recent pictures posted of the beach show that it is considerably narrowed from last summer. We were at CSA last June and yes, the beach was huge. As of October it looked to be about half that width. The water was up to the driftwood sign post at the south end of the beach. But the ocean takes and she gives back. Good chance that by next summer the beach will be recovered. Either way, I love that beach!

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    Thanks so much for the minibar and beach update. It's so true about the comes and goes. As long as there's room for a loung chair, I'm happy!

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    Just came back from 11 days in an Atrium (never stayed in this room category before). The rooms have been renovated, and our room felt really refreshed. Mini bar and shower which was nice and big. We were on first floor.

    REALLY LOVED THE ATRIUM ROOM!!! Now I understand what everyone says about this being a terrific category! We're booked for a BFS next year, but the year after I think we'll return to the Atrium! We used to love the "new" side, but now find the "old" side to be more to our liking...a little bit quieter and more serene. We didn't miss the TV at all - we brought DVDs for our laptops, but never used them....

    And the beach on the old side is pretty shallow....the new side has more beachfront. That being said, there was always room, although people were a bit more snug on the new side.

    I hope you enjoy your stay -

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    Attached is a picture taken the first week of December 2010looking directly down the "old section" of the beach. Not as deep as 2009, but still a great beach.
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    Do any of the Atrium rooms have a t.v.? I would like to book a reasonably priced room but would like a tv.

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    No. They are the only category that does not, and I think it is wone of thier best selling points!

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    Nope. No TV's. That's part of their charm. You can book a GVS, and get a TV. It's not that much more expensive, either.
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    Default Lake Issa

    The ocean is building the beach back up. As the sand is deposited near the water line the center of the beach is lower, for the time being. When high tide comes in it creates a little lake.

    I spoke with Lee and he was having his guys fill this in. At the time they were doing it by hand as their skid loader was on another job. I would guess that by the first of the year this problem will be solved--either by nature or the Couples employees.
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    November 2010
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