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    Default Couples Swept Away in March

    Hi everyone, first time on this forum, it's so helpful! I am looking to book CSA during March break and I am wondering a few things. First how is the weather in March? Also how busy does it get during the March break? Being a teacher I am restricted with my travel dates. I haven't booked yet as I am waiting for the prices to drop a bit, really would like to book a beachfront verandah suite (prices a little high right now) but we are also open to the great house verandah rooms and oceanview verandah rooms, any help with which rooms are the best would be great! I would go with the other room choices but my husband needs a t.v.

    Another question, how is the drive from the airport? Is it really long and windy? I get motion sickness so really hoping I can make it in one piece!

    I am also still open to Couples Negril as the prices seem to be lower, but CSA beach and layout look great, along with the fitness facility so we are leaning to go to CSA.

    Any info and help would be great!

    Thanks everyone,


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    We were at CN last March for 7 days. The weather was awesome. I would guess that both CSA and CN would be close to capacity during the month of March, but we didn't think that CN was TOO busy when we were there.
    This year we're going to CN from March 9-13, then to CSA from the 13th to the 16th.
    The drive from the airport took about 90 minutes, which included one stop at the Cold Beer-Joint...if you have an informative driver, the bus ride is actually quite entertaining.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Thanks for the information Deputy, maybe I'll see you at CSA on those dates. I am planning on booking the 12-19th. Cheers!


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    We spent a week at CSA in March a few years ago. The weather was gorgeous, the water was a little cooler than we're used to, but still wonderful. I guess in March/April every year they have an influx of little white and yellow butterflies. These things flew in little bunches all over the beach. We thought they were really charming, but the locals said they're actually a pain becuse they smoosh on cars, etc. Anyway, they WERE pretty!

    Although CSA isn't a Spring Break stop, we noticed that the airport was more crowded and that the resorts up and down the beach were noisier. I think we were there the end of March and Spring Break was a bit early or something.

    Don't fret - Have fun!!

    We really enjoyed March and would go back then in a heartbeat.

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    March is fantastic. My wife and I have been to CSA 3 times in March and it was perfect every time. There's a reason that this is the "high" season. It might rain for a half hour or so at some point, but it won't rain for long. Then the sun comes out and you can't believe it rained. No issue with hurricanes. You're going to love it.

    It does take about 90 minutes on the bus, but the trip is very interesting. The last time we went my wife and I took TimAir instead. It cost about $220 for two, but it was worth it. The flight took about 15 minutes and the views were incredible. If you've got the extra money, it's worth going that way. Tip the pilot about $20.

    We're going back next March... this time to CN because we've never been there. We'll take TimAir again.

    Any other questions, just ask:

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    I also have trouble with motion sickness. October was our first trip to a Couple's resort after 14 trips to Jamaica and staying at a resort in Montego Bay. One year we went from Montego Bay to Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios and I was quite sick by the time we got there but once we stopped I got over it ok and was able to enjoy it ok but then the trip back to the resort sort of just added to the prior effect and I was in really bad shape at the end of the adventure. This year at CSA I even got sick floating in the water on those awesome floaties that are on the beach chairs...that's how sensitive I am. The point of this is though is that I got some of those wrist bracelets with the plastic nubs and wore them on the ride from the airport to CSA and I didn't get sick at all, not even a hint. The road is rather narrow and winding and a lot of it has foliage growing up close. When going through the small towns I always want to be taking in that moving scenery. There is nothing about the trip that lets my stomach settle. I bought the bracelets at a scuba shop a few years ago after getting sick on a boat going out to dive and I've used them for riding roller coasters and all kinds of stuff and they really do work. You can get them in scuba shops or cheaper ones in drug stores. I had a cheaper pair first and the plastic nubs broke off after several uses but if you are only wearing them for the ride to and from the airport for this trip I think they'd serve you well. Mine are called Sea-Band but that's the brand name, I don't know what the other ones would be called if you got them in a drug store or some place else.

    We did use TimAir for our return trip and I didn't use them. The flight was smooth and I didn't get sick at all.

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    Thanks for all the info you sent me John, TimAir sounds like a great idea and worth every penny!! Also thanks for the idea of the bracelet Sherry, I will pick one of those up, cause I also get motion sickness on the airplane. I haven't heard of them before, will check the drugstores.


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    Default Motion Sickness "Tip"

    I also get motion sickness whether on a plane, boat, catamaran, car, porch swing but I've found a remedy! It was also featured on the show called Myth Busters. I highly recommend it, even for an occasional upset stomach. I purchased a bottle of Ginger Root from a local GNC store. This was recommended to me by a woman who owns deep sea fishing boats. It's a natural herb and works better than everything I've tried including Dramamine and the wrist bracelet. Give it a really works!

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    Thanks warmweatherfriend, that's great info!! Heading to GNC, that's exciting news for me, LOL, maybe I will be able to go on the boat rides at CSA after all!


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    Robyn - Let me know how the Ginger Root works for you! I'll definitely be packing mine in Feb. 2011. Take 2 tablets about 15 mins. before boarding the boat and you should be fine. Use it for the catamaran, glass bottom boat, snorkeling boat, chair floaties, jet skis or even the shuttle ride between the airport & resort for "no worries".

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    Will do, I already went and got it, will be in full use in March when we head out to CSA, thanks again!

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    Was at CSA last week and got a bit queasy after being on the dive boat.... drank some Gingerbeer (non alcoholic) from the Palms restaurant and it really settled my stomach. will try the ginger root next time to be preventative!

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