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    Default Please help us decide ~ CTI or CSA??

    We are about to book our first trip to a Couples Resort. I think we have 'over researched' and now are totally torn on which resort to choose.

    Our plan is to visit this January and then go back for our wedding in Jan 2012.

    If anyone can give us some insight from experience it would be much appreciated!!

    I know we will be thrilled with either location

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    Only know CSA. FABulous beach with 7 miles of beachfront for long strolls! Water is still and crystal clear and nice and warm. Very lush environment with lots of plants and pretty koi ponds and brooks throughout the property. OUTstanding gym facility withe aerobics, pilates, yoga, spinning as well as tons of tennis and raquetball. The gym equipment is all new Cybex equipment for weight machines and treadmills, elipticals and bikes. Also freeweights. Equipment is in great shape and similar to what you'd find at a nice gym in the US.

    Great spa with buddha pool. Definitely a MUST try!!

    Tons of restaurants to choose from - food is top notch!

    Even when full, feels pretty empty.

    No AN sunbathing, although women can go topless on the beach.

    I think it's pretty accurate that at both resorts you'll have great food (although from what I've read, CSA has more restaurants to choose from). Also from what I've read, CSA has the better gym/tennis facilities.

    Finally, if you LOVE the beach, I think CSA would be a no-brainer, as the beach is really phenomenal.

    As most people will suggest, just read all of the posts for each resort and look at the pictures. One will speak to you. In any case you've definitely chosen the best group of resorts - rest assured that whatever your choice, you'll have a terrific time!

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    Well, we've been to both CSA and CTI and if you love a great beach, then CSA has the best beach on Jamaica. The sand is white and fine and the water is crystal clear blue. The resort is spread out like a small village and there are lots of bar and restaurant choices. If you like to work out, it has the best sports facility on the island. We thought CSA was more romantic also.

    If you like a smaller resort and more of a hotel set up, then CTI would be the place to go. It also has an all nude option where CSA does not. The food is great at both places and so are the drinks. Make sure not to pick a resort just for the excursions it offers. Pick the one that you go back to over and over. Which ever one sticks out to you.

    If it were me going back and I had to choose would be CSA all the way. For my husband and I.....CSA ROCKS!

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    They are two vastly different resorts. What are you looking for?

    CSA is on the famous 7 Mile Beach and is spread out with the best workout facility in the Caribbean.

    CTI is very compact 'high rise' hotel style with a private beach.

    Both have the outstanding Couples service and staff.

    Let us know what you are wanting in your vacation and we will be better able to suggest a resort for you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You have to decide for yourselves but I do hear that Randymon and Deborah are going to be renewing their vows at CTI next year.

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    I haven't been to CSA - but the references to CTI being a high rise are a little misleading. Its a five story at most building, that's fairly small and easy to get around. But you don't feel like your on top of one another either. I think what people are trying to describe by calling CTI a hotel is that there are two main living areas - the left and right of the lobby. This is opposed to other resorts I've been to where the hotel is sprawling, with different blocks of rooms and long walks to the beach, restaurants or lobby.

    If you are a beach enthusiast, then do you like a private beach, or one with the constant drone of jetskis, boats and vendors (again, no specific reference to CSA, just other resorts I've been to). CTI is private Do long walks on the beach make your trip? CTI would not be good for that, although you can still take romantic walks around the grounds, which are beautiful.

    All the Couples resorts can be considered small, boutique hotels now that there are hotels being built that hold more people than the town I grew up in. I really don't think you can go wrong with any choice.

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    Thanks everyone!! We have decided on CTI and booked it yesterday!! Woooot! I think we visit CSA while we are there and then decide which of the 2 to go back to for our Wedding next January.

    We are Pool people so the short beach at CTI won't be an issue... We love great food, peace + quiet and also love a good party. I know we will be thrilled with any of the Couples Resorts, just want to choose the most romantic for the Wedding.

    Thanks again!!

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    LiiZid ~ CSA is a 3 hour ride away from CTI. If you are staying at CTI, then the Romance Rewards affords you the opportunity to see CSS, not CSA or CN which are on the other side of the island.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have to say that when I read this question, I knew that most people were going to pick CSA. I have been on this MB since 04/2010 & I have to say that CTI gets the most negative remarks I have every heard. I have never been to Couples and we chose to go to CTI based on what all the resorts had to offer. We r not beach people so, having a smaller or bigger beach was not a factor. I have to say if we had read the MB first before deciding on a resort, we would not have chose CTI. IMHO, I just feel that u have to read about each resort & decide which is right for u based on what u want out of a resort. I am in no way knocking anyone for their opinions so, please don't send me any hate mail. I just think that CTI has a bad rap on the MB. When my husband & I go 09/2011 I will make sure to write a nice detailed review, rather good or bad.

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