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    Default Warning! Coffee from Marketplace Across From CN

    Just got back from a wonderful two week Couples vacation, split between CN and CSA and I'm glad nobody is making me choose between them because they were both SO GREAT!!

    The food at both places was fantastic...not a bad meal the whole time! If I had to make a restaurant choice, that too would be difficult.

    This was our first Couples vacation, but it will definitely NOT be our last. Already planning for next year!

    Now, we are confirmed coffee lovers and we have decided that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the absolute best on the entire planet!! What flavour! We're addicted!

    Apart from some souveniers, I wanted to bring back as much Blue Mountain coffee as my suitcase could hold! The price of a pound of Blue Mountain in the gift shops was between $32 and $34 approx. (for beans), and a guest at CN told me about the little marketplace across the road from CN and that she had bought coffee for $13-$15 a pound, so I joined one of the groups going over and bought 4 pounds for about $15/pound and was thrilled to get it. Then I was told by a staff member not to buy from the guys on the beach, so I asked about the marketplace and she said she didn't know about that place, but we should be looking for a vaccuum-sealed package and the approval seal on the label. The ones I got from the marketplace (man, are they intimidating! lol) had labels that said "100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee" but that was all, and they were stapled to the bags of coffee. I should have listened to that little voice in my head. Inside the burlap bag, the coffee was in a baggie and wrapped in packing tape (which of course I only discovered at home). So I bought another 4 lbs. from the gift shop and brought it all home.

    The "real" coffee beans are consistently dark in colour and have the most wonderful smell. The "other" beans vary in colour and are mixed with husks, etc. and don't smell quite as good. So we brewed the "real" beans for a couple of days, then today brewed a pot of the "other" beans. If you love your Blue Mountain coffee then you'll notice a significant difference. It's OK, but it's not as good as the "real" stuff!

    So just be careful who you buy your Blue Mountain Coffee from. At half the price of the giftshop's coffee, that's what you're getting - coffee that's half as good.

    Now, there's only 346 days (or so) to go until I can get back to Couples and stock up again and I can't wait!

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    You can get that coffee at TJ Maxx for about $8 or so... :O)

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    Default Airport is cheaper!

    We grabbed our Blue Mountain during the wait at the airport for $26 (ground) vs $32 at CN. Still bought a whole lot at the CN gift shops - but the coffee is definately cheaper at the airport!

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    There are very few coffees that are Government approved 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. If someone can help me list them they are:

    Coffee Roasters

    And another one that I can't remember. If you buy one of these you are guaranteed the genuine thing.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I buy mine on Ebay, real thing, great price if you buy the package deals, I think my last shipment cost me $15 a pound (whole bean), the place I get it from offers money back gaurantee and they don't roast it till you order it.

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    The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board has to have their official seal on the coffee if it's real Blue Mountain coffee. The coffee is classified by the elevation that it's grown. 3,ooo feet to 5,500 feet is Blue Mountain. 1,500 feet to 3,000 feet is High Mountain and up to 1,500 feet is Jamaican supreme or "Low Mountain" coffee. There are many approved brands and you just have to make sure you buy one of them in order to be sure you're not getting ripped off. If you paid $15, you really didn't get ripped just didn't get real Blue Mountain which you found out. We made the same mistake on our first trip to Jamaica.
    Heres a link to the brands may help you:

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    If you go into town you can get great prices on Jablum 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. We have never paid more than $16 a pound. We love it and usually bring home 10 pounds of coffee. When you walk into a store and tell them you want 8 to 10 pounds of coffee they are very happy to sell it for less than what is marked on the package. We have also found they will come down very nicely on prices of other items we also want to purchase in their store. My husband loves to search for the best price on his coffee.

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    We bought JaBlum at the airport in November.....$26/lb, ground. if I could just get someone to serve it to me on a tray with a basket of fresh baked pastries

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    rjammin...looking at the bag right now...yep you're right, there's the seal!

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    i got some in town at $15/lb, but I bought like 6 lbs. and then at the airport i bought 1 to see if there was difference. there wasnt. im almost out though and i will definitely pay whatever to get more. im now addicted to blue mtn coffe w/ a shot sangsters coconut rum cream. it is the best.

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    Anyone going to Jamaica from Calgary who is willing to bring me back a few pounds of the good stuff? lol

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    The coffee from TJ Maxx is not the real deal.
    Ken & Gina

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    BrendaandBruce we must have gone to the same place but we could only get them down to $18 still a better deal than the gift shop. We did buy a bag at the airport to compare and it looked,smelled, and tasted the same. Buy the coffee in town and the rum at the airport. Better prices.

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