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    Default Question about extra cash....

    My boyfriend and I will be going to CTI for our first time in less than 2 months! We're going to be staying for 7 days, and I was wondering how much extra cash we should bring for massages, souviniers, Margeritaville, etc. If anyone has any advice regarding this it would be much appreciated. I know that the number is probably different for everyone, but I would just like a ball park figure. Thanks!!! Can't wait!

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    Spa can be charged to your room, as well as all gift shop purchases.

    The vendors that come into the resort only accept cash.

    We spent about $500 on souvenirs between the vendors, gift shop and airport.

    Don't know about |Margaritaville.

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    It all depends.

    You want to purchase alot of items, go to the spa and to Margeritavill, you can spend from $200 to $700 or more.

    You may want to set up a budget.
    Margeritavill - $50.00 and them go back to the resort.
    Spa - Massage - Couples - $210 - $300 plus tip.
    Souvenirs - $100 to $400 - Just depends on you.
    Rum - Purchase at the Airport on the way home.
    Tips only - You will need $20 to $40 in ones.

    We have been to CTI 5 times, so we spend about $100 total.
    Irie Mon

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    I took $500 and came back with $250 after souvenirs and everything, just just take plenty of ones, for the airport.

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    You don't need much cash at all because you can charge a lot to your room and pay by credit card on departure. We usually bring $300USD when we go and end up bringing most home because we don't leave the resort at all.

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    You really do not need that much cash, everyone takes visa/mc. I always bring about $25 in ones for tips.

    Gift shops and all restaurants and everything at the airport takes cc's.

    If you go to Rick's cafe you will have to pay taxi driver

    no need to exchange for Ja currency, they like US $ better.

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    We were nearly broke for our first visit, and arrived with only $60.00 cash. We left with souvenirs for the kids a week later and still had $20.00.

    Margaritaville is worth the trip to say that you've been, but drink prices are quite high - average $7, but wear a swimsuit because there is a pool with water slide inside.

    The guys wearing red hats at the airport will carry your bags to and from the plane / bus. They work for tips only, and the common rate is $1 per bag.

    We've been given a free massage each visit.

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    I am confused on tips. I thought there was a no tip policy. I understand the airline bus guy, but who else?

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    It depends on how often you plan to leave the resort. Once you leave the resort, it seems everyone expects a tip and doesn't have a problem telling you this with their hand out Plan to at least bring some ones and fives for their baggage handlers and the shuttle driver who will get you to the resort. The rest is up to your budget and what you plan to do. We probably spent $100 on souvenirs and liquor to take home, and our massages were covered so we only had to tip.

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    The Director at CTI told us that all employees must report cash tips to management, then that amount will be deducted from their pay. They are allowed to receive gifts from vacationers without penalty.

    We typically purchase a couple pair of earrings, watches, etc. $20-$30 gifts for our friends.

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