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    Default request floor and building??

    Hi, I'm new here and also new to doing AI resorts. Normally a cruiser. I'm looking at booking a Premiere Ocean room at CTI and was wondering if I can ask for a certain floor and a certain building. The premieres are in buildings 2 and 3. We want building 3 since it is away from the main pool. Also don't want first floor....would prefer an upper floor. Will they let me request that?? Or will I be stuck wherever they want to put me?? Thanks for all replies


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    Mike, right at the top of the message board is Randymon's message that they cannot accept room or building requests.

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    You can certainly make the request at check in. You cannot make the request in advance per Randymon's posting at the top of the page.

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    Ooops!! I didn't read well enough before posting my questions. Newbie mistake, ha. Thanks for the kind replies

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleversole View Post
    Mike, right at the top of the message board is Randymon's message that they cannot accept room or building requests.
    That's not exactly what he is talking about. You can't make the requests ahead of time. You can certainly request whatever you want at checkin but they can only do so much due to availability.

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    I have found talking to people and having gone to Couples that they can't guarantee anything, but they do try to honor your requests. Because most people have so many different opinions, it may be easy sometimes. For instance you may not want first floor, but I may. Silly to give you first floor when I may like first floor, especially if we are checking in at the same time.

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    Although as has been stated you can not request a specific building or room, we have always put on our request a room on a higher floor and there have never been any issues with that.

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    Just a note--the premier rooms in Building 3 are much smaller than in building 2 plus they are over the swim up bar which is actually more active than the main pool. The main pool tends to be the quiet pool now. The only "noise" we have had in building 2 is from the entertainment which usually ends around 11. Another thing to note is that the rooms in building 2 are not on the first floor. That is where the gym, photo shop, entertainment office, game room and pool grill are. We have not noticed any noise coming up from those and we were on the 2nd floor both times we stayed there.

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