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    Hi There!
    Can anyone tell me what the weather is like at CSA right now? I'm hearing that it is a little cold there right now for this time of year. Is the water still warm? We are arriving on Thursday and I was just curious. Thanks!

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    Water is warm. The wind is very brisk, so the air is cooler, but the water is still warm.

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    Just got back on Sat. from CSA and it was definitely chilly. I had to wear my sweater a few nights. We were there Dec. 2-11 and only got to snorkel 2 days (canceled one so we could have had 3) but the surf was too rough and it was red flagged a lot. We usually go later in Dec. so I'm not sure if that was normal or not.

    Kevin & Angie

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    I'd love to know this, too. We are arriving Saturday. Can't wait!!

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    I just checked, and looks like the high 70s are expected with a little rain but mostly sun. Perfect.

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    Default Here Now!

    Thanks to all who responded. I'm here now and the weather is in the high 70's. A little cool with the breeze but still much warmer than the US. We just arrived and have not gone in the water yet, so when we do I will post an update.

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    We were there 2 weeks ago, most of the days it was in the mid 80s, so I would expect that to return.

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