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    Default What do you do when it's rainy, windy and/or cold?

    I'm not posting this as a gripe about the weather, but rather put more of a positive twist on bad weather and share some ideas.

    Ok, so if the weather's bad there's always time in your room, reading, napping, etc. (let's keep this "clean" people! lol)

    But what if you want to get out of your room? What do you do?

    If it's just raining lightly but still warm/calm I'd still do water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and definitely diving.

    But what if it's windy? I know from experience on another island that winds can shut down all water activities, even if it's still sunny. Plus the wind can whip the sand up and make it impossible to sit there. We love our water sports, so when they're not available I do go a bit stir crazy.

    Do you have a place that you escape to on the resort that's still outdoors but sheltered (we'll be at CTI and CSS, so ideas for these welcome)

    Do you go horseback riding, shopping, the spa, Dunn's, other excursions?

    What if it's really miserable? Do people flock to the games rooms, sheltered bars, restaurants to linger? Or do most disappear to their rooms?

    Just curious, as well as looking for ideas... just in case.

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    We either hit the spa, hit the gym or hit the bar. It is actually a very sociable time since people are all huddled the palapas to stay dry. We tend to make most of our new freinds on rainy days.

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    We are watersports-focused too, so I understand your mindset! Our first trip to CSS was in late January, so at times it was chillier than expected, which made for perfect hot tub weather! The evenings there was precipitation, the Beach Bar and the Balloon Bars certainly got more crowded. It was actually more fun at those times, since there was more opportunity to meet new people. I was just glad I brought a light fleece sweater with me. I didn't need it in May, but glad I had it that January!

    Are you bringing your own snorkel gear? We typically do, but are debating about the fins this year. In the past, when the boat hasn't gone out, we have snorkeled in the ocean on our own, but we had our full set of equipment. No diving, etc. tho' if it gets too rough.

    The spa is a great haven when it's less than perfect outside too!
    There is usually 1-2 people in the game room, checking email playing chess, etc., but I think you do see more escape back to the room, particularly in the afternoon.

    Given the wind + sun situation, both pools will become popular, although my preference is the mineral pool & grotto. Or the hammocks. Or just being at CSS...

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    When the weather got rainy in October, we played some great card games, meeting new people to join it. It was a great way to pass a non-beach morning.

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    Hot tub and a tray of rum punch. Give it 5 minutes and others will join you.

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    In July we walked the beach even in the rain, you only get wet and you are in a swimsuit or portion of one. We even went and hung out in the AN hot tub with some drinks during the rain, only if there was no lightning.

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    we went into town to do shopping, try out some different eateries, etc.

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    I am a crazy sun lover and when the weather got cool and rainy in October, I thought, Oh no, this will be terrible but as it turned out, we had the most fun!- playing cards and playing other resort driven games, telling jokes and meeting some super people that we are still friends with. Oh and the best part was we ordered 16 Bob Marleys to celebrate our new friends during the rain. This all took place in a covered area outside.I sill smile when I think about it!

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    Great responses. Thanks everyone. I know it will be fabulous no matter what the weather. 9 days until we leave. I'm so excited today!!! Rain couldn't dampen my spirits.

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