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    Default International Buffet at CN

    What is the International Buffet like? What time and where is it set up? Is it worth going to or are the restaurant choices better----or are the restaurants even open that night?

    I have read that this buffet is on Saturday night....we are arriving on a Saturday morning and leaving the following Sunday night so we will be there for 2 Saturdays and therefore 2 of these buffets. Maybe we lucked out if this buffet is good??

    Any info. would be appreciated from those that have been to CN..THKS!

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    Last month we arrived on Saturday afternoon, so we got to go to the International Buffet that nite. I had heard great things about it the previous year but we had missed it. There are A TON of selections. They had steak/pork chops, ribs, pasta, seafood, enough variety that if you ate two different times you would still enjoy. Heliconia is closed on Saturday evening, so your other choices are Lychee, or Otaheite, if you could get a reservation. When we went it was set up along the side of the pool....all along and around. There really was a lot of food. I tend to be picky and had no trouble finding something to eat. Also, if you didn't want to eat there, you could do a very late lunch at the grill and then come out and try the WONDERFUL desserts. Just some options, but I think at least one of the Saturdays you are there, you would love it.

    Have FUN.

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