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    Default Thinking about C Negril...opinions

    I am thinking about couples negril for the end of the month. A few questions:
    -looking for an adult only resort but not something that is for the young honeymooners...what is the approximate age etc of the people that go
    -do they have gingerale at the bars?
    -I see that there are numerous things included...are they packed and hard to get into and worth it (ie. glass bottom boat)
    -we are looking at the beachfront room--is it really an view or are there limitations...thinking about sitting on a balcony and chilling
    -saw a few reviews about the bar running out of supplies and the food being cold but they were from last year..any improvements noted?
    Any input or info more than appreciated...thanks!

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    HI DS;

    You won't get a full ocean view at CN because of the way the rooms are set up. If that is of prime importance I would look at Couples Swept Away instead. We have never had trouble booking any excursion or dinner reservations at Couples and we go in January every year. As for that review, take it with a grain of salt. The service at Couples is beyond wonderful and if they really did run out of something it was an oddity.

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    We have been to CN twice and are returning in February. The age is wide ranging, from honeymooners to couples in the 70's. We are in our mid-40's early 50's. Not sure about the gingerale, but try a rum and Ting. Delicious. We haven't had trouble booking any of the excursions, try to do it a day or two in advance, especially the catamarran. We've always stayed in a beachfront room, building 6 and enjoy the view in the mornings on the balcony. Have always enjoyed the food...never ran into the bar running out of supplies while we've been there. You are going to have a great time and won't regret CN.

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    dsrogers....We LOVE Couples Negril and love to give feedback.

    Couples Negril is definitely NOT just honeymooners. There are people from their early 20s up to their 70s or 80s. I am 45, my husband is 69 and have found people in all age groups.

    On the inclusions, it depends, but most aren't that hard to get into. Most just need to go a day in advance to sign up. On Otaheite, call a couple days ahead for a reservation.

    On the rooms...we get the deluxe ocean room (I think that is what it is--
    2nd one on the list). None of the rooms are directly oceanfront but the view is wonderful no matter what. You are looking at the beach, a side view of the ocean anad usually some wonderful flora.

    I've seen the reviews of the lukewarm food. When we were there, some of the evening buffets do seem to have more food that isn't as warm. I've never seen the issue at breakfast, but some of the food in the evening does tend to be lukewarm. But there are other options other than the buffets. I have never found that to be an issue in any of the restaurants so you can always eat there. It doesn't hurt to try the food because some was OK.

    CN is absolutely beautiful...staff is the best in the world. If you look at the pix and like it, you will like it when you are there. They don't fudge the pictures at all. It looks exactly like that when you are there.

    Hope you choose it and love it as much as we do. Good luck.

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    We have been to Jamaica about (15) times. We have stayed at other all-inclusives.. Then we discovered Couples and that is now our choice of resorts in Jamaica. We have been to CN (4) times and CSS once. If you like beautiful beaches then you will LOVE Negril

    Ages vary from 20's to 70's, but typically no singles like you will find at the other resorts. You will see more honeymooners during the heavy wedding months (may-aug).

    I am sure they have ginger-ale

    we never had any problems getting onto the included tours (snorkling, glass bottom, sunset cruise). You do have to sign up. We usually do not go to Jamaica during the summer so the crowds are probably bigger.

    We have always been more than pleased with the food, much better than big resorts in Cancun.

    the rooms at CN are not right on the beach like the east coast hotels, they sit at an angle to the beach, so you could be in a building at one end and be very close to the beach but the other end is several hundred feet from the beach, Our favorite building is either bldg 6 or 9, we like that end of the beach better because it seems less crowded.

    I guess they can run out of things sometimes but we never noticed this to be a problem.

    Don't expect the Ritz, these are not shiny polished rooms but tropical, they are so relaxing.

    We like Jamaica because of the short plane trip from the East Coast and the constant temperature there, the water is always warm and you can drink the water w/o worry.

    You can email me at for more info if you desire.

    We are trying to schedule a trip to CSA next.

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    Average Age? Itís a wide range. Average is probably mid-40s.

    Ginger Ale? Yes. Ginger was available at the bars when we were last there. Try the Jamaican ginger beer too, has a bit more of a kick.

    Availability of excursions and stuff? Weíve been twice when the resort was at/near full capacity and we were never turned away from any of the excursions. Some things you do need to sign up for the day before. If you do that, you shouldn't have any problems.

    View from the beachfront rooms? Depends on the room. The resort is set back from the beach just a little and there are tall palm trees and tropical foliage all around. Some of the rooms face the beach at a bit of an angle, so the view isnít straight on, but youíll be able to see the water. We loved hanging out on the porch, even in the garden view rooms.

    Bad reviews of bars and food? Our food has always been well prepared and served at a fine temperature. If you get something thatís not right, you can always get something else. The bar service is really excellent. Once, my wife ordered a Martini from the AN beach bar and asked if they had any cocktail onions (seriously, cocktail onions?). Of course they didnít have any down at the beach, but the bartender flagged down another staff member and asked him to go see if they had any at the piano bar. This guy ran to the other side of the resort and brought back a big jar so she could have one in her martini. So yes, they might run out of supplies sometimes, but if youíre nice about it theyíll do what they can to take care of you.

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    It sounds like you would love this place. There are many different ages at CN. All the excursions are very easy to go on and You will love the food and drinks at this place. The beachfront room is not really beachfront. It sits at an angle. But it is still great!

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