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    Default Is it possible????

    We are spending ten days at CSS in September and I am looking into booking an excursion. We don't want to spend too much time away from the resort as we really want to chill!!! Would it be possible to do Bob Marleys house tour and beach horseback riding in one day. Also any suggestions who we should book with if it is possible. Also if anyone can think of any places we really shouldn't miss I would be grateful to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks Guys x

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    I thought I'd respond since you haven't had many takers. We stayed at CSS last year; we usually go to CSA. I think you would be planning too much to try and do horseback riding and the Bob Marley tour in one day. Not that it isn't feasible, but why cram too much into one day?

    The moderators have asked the MB posters not to recommend specific tour operators or guides on this MB. I'm sure this is a liability issue. However, the concierge at CSS was wonderful and set up a tour for us with a great driver. The concierge will definitely be able to help you.

    If you really want specific tour guide recommendations, you might want to post your request on the Trip Advisor travel forum for Ocho Rios. But I have seen some dubious advice given out on the travel forum. Your safest bet is to go through the concierge.

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    Default Excursions

    The Bob Marley house tour takes about 6-8 hours minimum depending upon which ever vendor you choose to take you. Reason: you have to drive into the mountains to see it. It is a long but beautiful drive, even on a rainy day. I have been there twice. The classic way (without saying names) is to take a bus with a large group of people. Another way would be to take a jeep tour (more private and quicker). I don't think it's a good idea to plan any other excursion with that particular one because it makes for a long day by itself! What an awesome but small place to visit. Most of the bus tours include drinks (with alcohol if you wisH) and stop for maybe a snack and lunch is included in the cost. You would leave your resort around 8 am and return about 3 or 4 pm.

    I have also gone horse back riding independently (It is included at current Couples home!) You have only a couple of choices to book from...I dont think you can go wrong with any. The one we choose took us on a 45 minute trail to the carribean sea (a private area) You could ride your horse in the water if you wish, then it was a 45 minute ride back...It was really awesome. If you describe it to vendors, they will tell you which one.

    Other excursions I have done, some more than once : Dunn's River, shopping in Ocho Rios, zip lining, 4 wheeling and cliff diving combo, margaritaville night club...see any or all of the vendors provided in your resorts lobby and they will probably have them all...HOPE THIS HELPS!


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    We took the Bob Marley tour from CSS and due to traffic, dropping people off at other resorts and a driver mixup (where we had to switch vans after heading toward Montego Bay for a while), we didn't get back to CSS until 3:00 PM.
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    Default anythings possible

    I would recommend never leaving the resort. At least, we never do. We go to Swept Away to be swept away, and we are...every single time. We know a lot of people go here and there and have a good time, but we are so gloriously happy at the resort, that we have never desired to step off the property. We will go again, and we will ask each other the same question, as we have before. You wanna go ziplining? Nah. You wanna go horseback riding? Nahh. You wanna to to Rick's? Nahhh. You wanna go on a booze cruise? Nahhhh. Cool. Me neither.

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    Thanks for all the replies, hubby really wants to go to Bobs place so maybe I will forgo the horseback riding. No matter what we do i'm sure the holiday will be amazing !!!

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