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    Default Formal Dining/Swimsuit Cover Ups


    Just over a month to go and I am agonizing over what to pack because it makes me feel like we are closer to leaving. We are going to CSA, and will be there for a week.

    1. The dress code FAQs says summer or cocktail dress for Feathers and Lemongrass. What is more common? Will I be totally underdressed in a breezy cotton sundress? Is a cocktail dress more appropriate? Also, is a polo shirt considered a collared shirt for my husband to wear?

    2. I know (from reading this ever so helpful board lol) that I will need a few different swimsuits because we will wear them so much. What about cover-ups? More than one of those? Multiple pairs of flip flops, or just one or two?

    I am trying to find that balance between packing enough and overpacking. I need plenty of room for my beach books, after all Thanks so much!


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    I have worn capris and even dressy shorts and a nice blouse to Lemongrass. Bob has worn a polo shirt and dressy shorts to Lemongrass. Although a summery dress would also be fine. A polo shirt would also work at Feathers for your guy as long as he is wearing slacks. I have worn dressy summer slacks and blouses to Feathers, but have recently tended to pack light summer dresses for Feathers because they are just so easy to pack and wear.

    You will need a few coverups. I bring one for each suit, but I like to coordinate. You can also buy some lovely coverups from the beach vendors south of the resort and at the CSA giftshop.

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    I just wear sundresses, but if you would like to bring cocktail dresses I have seen a few of those.

    I usually bring 2 cover-ups. I also only bring one pair of flip flops (for daytime), 1 pair of sandals (for the evening), and tennis shoes (for traveling). I know some bring a pair of shoes for each outfit, but it isn't necessary.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We are headed back to CSA in Feb. for the fourth year in a row! I wear what I refer to as sundresses when dining at Feathers and Lemongrass but it is really up to you. My husbnad typically wears a conservative tropical shirt or what he refers to as tropical wear from LL Baan so a Polo shirt is fine. We spend all day in our bathing suits so I do bring more than 1 cover up and I usually buy 1 or 2 while I am there. The sundresses I bring all have a little black in them so I bring a couple pair of black sandals and a black wrap. As far as flip flops go for the beach I usually bring 2.
    We bring one checked bag each but have room to spare. We love to snorkel and they do have everything you need but we like to use our own masks and snorkels. I also bring a couple pair of shorts and short sleeve shirts. We don't really leave the resort much because everything we want is there so we don't need much.

    If you run out of books while you are there or want to leave yours behind they have a library near the martini bar. I read almost a book a day when I am there! ENJOY!

    Maine Girl

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    I bring a bunch of coverups because they get wet and things don't dry quickly there because the humidity is very high and they get dirty.

    I used to bring a few pairs of flip flops but now I just bring a dressy leather pair that I bought on our first trip to CSA to wear to dinner and one pair to wear during the day.

    You could really go either way on the dresses. I would pick something that matches your husbands clothes as far as how dressy it is. You would probably want something fairly dressy if he is really dressed up. A polo shirt should be fine . Almost everyone I saw had one on. A few guys had a short sleeve button down shirt.

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    1. Either for those restaurants. You should wear what you are comfortable in. I like to dress up when we go out, so I would wear the cocktail dress to Feathers. Lemongrass is an open air restaurant, so the cotton sundress may be more comfortable there. No worries, I've seen all outfits at both places. Polo shirt is definately a collared shirt!
    2. You will be glad you brought more than one swimsuit. They don't seem to dry there. I hate putting on a damp suit! Coverups are a personal preference also. One would suffice, unless however you get it wet! I usually bring at least two just for that reason. Flip flops I would keep to just one pair for the beach kind, one for your casual dress and one pair of dressier sandals for your cocktail dress.
    Hope this answers your questions! Don't fret, have a great trip!

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    Thanks, this helped!

    38 days and counting....

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    If you put your swim suit or coverup on your balcony it will not dry out (that is for sure). It is just too humid & there may be rain to make it more humid. Put your suitcase on the floor & use the suitcase rack for a swimsuit/coverup rack. Put this in your room near your A/C & keep it running all night/day. You may just have a dry swimsuit/coverup by the morning. I did. By the way, this was all my hubby's idea. I gotta give him the credit!

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    Ok, I will confess....
    I just packed for our trip on Tuesday and put in:
    9 bikinis
    6 cover ups
    10 dresses
    2 croc sandals
    2 dress sandals
    2 casual sandals

    everything is light so why not?

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