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    Default Baileys BFVS mini bar

    How flexible are they with mini bar requests? Wondering if even anyone has requested Baileys or rum cream

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    Hard liquors available are rum, scotch, gin, and vodka. You can purchase rum cream in the gift shop though.
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    make friends with the bartenders

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    Ask for a BIG glass from the bartenders and then put it in your minibar. Works like a charm, and then you have it for a day or two. (Or ask for 2 big glasses and then you have enough for all week. )
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    At CSA they now have a checklist for the mini bar. You're allotted 2 of a few different juices. I put a note on the checklist and asked the stocker for 4 OJs and 4 cranberry juices. I ended up getting 2 OJs and 2 tomato juices (I guess he figured that they're both red, so....)....Apparently unless you get someone willing to bend, you'll get the requisite number, no more....that was something different from the last times. Must have something to do with the new economy....It didn't put any kind of damper on the trip at all, but I thought it was kind of funny....It became a running joke....

    I agree with the idea of getting whatever you want from the bartenders and just popping it in the mini bar. Works like a charm.

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    At CSS in November we were given a full bottle of Baileys substitute. It wasn't Bailey's but my wife loved it all the same! As they say 'No Problem man!'

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    Ask for your Baileys from the bar before you go to your room at night, get a couple of glasses straight, save your water bottle from the day and refill it with your Baileys and keep in your fridge. No problemn mon! No one gets into trouble.
    "Canadian's know how to do it" Enjoy! Rum cream is great in the a.m. coffee. Have fun.

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