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    Default $500 Resort Credit

    Does anyone know what all you can use the $500 resort credit on? This is from the promotion they offered in bookings before July 2010.

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    Is it for a 2011 booking? If so, you can spend it on anything that you can charge to your room. Spa, gift shop, trips, specialty wine, etc.
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    If you can charge it to your room, it's covered. This is pretty much anything on site except for extra excursions. You can charge gift shop items, prints taken by the resort photographer and spa treatments to your room.
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    You can use it for anything that can be charged to your room including purchases at gift shops, dinner on the beach, bottles of wine in the restaurants, pampering at the spa etc. Last year we used it to buy sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner etc. so we didn't need to bring it from home. I also had a facial and deep hair conditioning. We had private dinner on the beach and my husband bought a tropical shirt. We had a blast spending our $500.00 and look forward to doing it again this Feb.

    Maine Girl

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    Anything that u can charge to the room such as the gift shop purchases and the spa.

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    We have one too! I am dreaming of jewelry or the spa specials.

    Any info would be appreciated. We are arriving 12/26.

    Thank you,

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    Ya RANDYMON. can we use the 500 for massage and gift shop.

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    Last year when we went, you got to use I think 350 at the spa and the rest at the gift shop. They were somewhat leinent because it was hard to equal out perfect.

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    Anything that can be charged to the room and I think that includes excursions you book at the resort. We used our credit for 2010 for the spa at CTI as well as gift shop purchases. I just wish that CTI had a jewelry store. They have a small selection of jewelry and I picked up a "One Love" bangle, but I wish they had more.

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    When we signed up we got the $350 spa and $150 gift shop credit. We are at CSS right now and had a msassage today. We found out that you can not use this promotion to upgrade the 30 complimentary couples massage that repeaters get. They said since they are two different promotions I couldn't use it for an upgrade. I don't understand the reasoning but that is what I was told.

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    There was/is a difference in the two $500 promotions. The one for this year's reservations was $350 for the Spa and $150 for the gift shops -- a total of $500. The $500 promotion for 2011 reservations can be used for anything that can be charged to the room -- so you have much greater flexibility in spending those bonus bucks. We are booked for two trips next year (2011) and are looking forward to spending those bonus bucks.

    That $500 promotion each year is what has moved us into action -- a great motivator.

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    Are we allowed to use it for off-site excursions booked through the Couples desk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJen View Post
    Are we allowed to use it for off-site excursions booked through the Couples desk?
    I think I misspoke earlier. I do remember some confusion about this but according to Ranymon, back on a March 26, 2010 post...

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    The $500 resort credit for 2011 travel may be used to purchase anything you are able to charge to your room, including:

    Spa treatments, telephone calls, upgraded wines, gift shop, optional excursions through our tour desk, photographs from our photo concession, private dinners, romance packages.
    Here's the link to that thread.
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    We bought our tickets for 2011 in june 2010 and supposedly got this credit. How do you pick it up though? Is it automatically covered by the hotel or do i need to get it through my T.A?

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    Hi RandyMon

    I would like to also know an answer about the off-site excursions. We just got home from San Souci and I asked at the excursion desk if credits could be used towards excursions. I was told by the rep "No, not currently but we hope this will change in the near future". We are booked for Nov '11 with 2 additional couples. I sold Couples to them and told them that the $500 credit could be used towards excursions (they wanted to go on cruise and the credit helped sway them). Before I told them this I called the 800 reservation phone # and asked. I got the following answer that I thought was a yes at the time..."yes, anything that can be charged to your room". So they answered me consitent with the rules but I guess the "yes" part threw me. Long story short....did I get the correct answer from the reservation desk last week? This is something in the works and if so, do you think this will be in place by Nov '11?

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    Where is everyone getting these $500 credits from?! Do you book your trip through the couples website? I have gone through a travel agent for all three trips to couples...should i start booking straight through couples??? I want a $500 credit!


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    Geoff - the $500 was a promotion offered by Couples earlier in 2010 for 2011 bookings. It was a limited time offer, I am sure made to spur us to make our reservations early for 2011. We booked through our travel agent, but the offer is good no matter how you booked as long as you booked before the deadline.

    When we arrived at CSA this past January, we were given certificates for the resort credits with our check-in package.

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