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    Anyone know anything about chances of deep sea fishing from CSA and Cost?

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    At CN now and just checked cost here yesterday. $150 per person for four hours, and prior day sign up required. Boat leaves at 6:45 am. Talked to a local fisherman, he wanted $80 per hour for three people. He had a much smaller boat. It was a mute point for us though, the water activities have been cancelled the past three days due to high winds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimi View Post
    Anyone know anything about chances of deep sea fishing from CSA and Cost?
    I am not 100% certain but last year they seemed to use "Captain Stanley" and as a single they charged me about $150 for 4 hours with another group, of I believe 3 guys that were supposed to go out. I think the charter is $600 per about 4 hours and 5 persons is considered a full boat. If the boat is not full you can get on as a single. We never got to go because the water was too rough so I have no idea what it is like. I am an avid fisherman (Salmon mostly) and I was hoping to try my hand at Mahi fishing or maybe some Barracuda.

    I am going to be at CSA again this February and I was hoping to join up as a single with a few guys (or gals) that want to go out. I hated joining with guys that the tour desk arranged since it kind of puts them on the spot and I kind of felt that I was being "forced" on them. They were however quite gung ho and it didn't seem to be a problem with them.

    When are you going? February is not Billfish Season but Mahi (Dolphin Fish) is good, as is Bottom Fishing and Barracuda I believe.

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    Be there in three days through end of Dec.

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