I have read that women shouldn't bring high heels that have a narrow heel because of the cracks in the wood decks at CN. My question is, if I just want to walk from the room to dinner or go to the bar or piano lounge, do i have to walk across these boardwalks to get there? I really want to bring a cute pair of sandals that i love but they have a small heel. I'm trying hard to bring the least amount of shoes i can get away with but so far my plan is:

1. small pair of little boots (for the winter trip to airport),
2. two pairs flip flops for beach wear
3. one pair of black leather sandals (low wedge heel - casual)_
4. one pair high heels for Otaheite for a very nice silk dress
5. AND...I feel I should bring a high pair of cork type black leather wedges (in case i want to wear at night...very sexy)
6. AND, I just bought a pair of switchflops off of ebay which are slightly small but the extra straps match my bathing suits...

I KNOW I have too many shoes listed here but i don't know what to eliminate..... HELP please!