This was our 3rd trip to Couples- 2 to CN and last year was at CTI. We have always traveled the exact same reason, just always seems to work.

We had a perfect travel day- the only thing that was inconvenient was it was rush hour so it took almost an hour to get out of MB. Not really a big deal. Check in was a breeze. The front desk noticed that we were traveling with friends so they changed our room so that we would be in the same building..very nice. We did the standard room as you aren't in it very much..when we go to CTI we do upgrade for the view- but don't really see a reason to do it at CN.

Food was good- we skipped the repeaters dinner. I will say the beach buffet was not good. None of us could find much to eat- other than that though- everything was good (loved the Mahi Mahi at the grill).

Weather was decent. We had 3 days of red flag, but that made the ocean fun. Used the boogie boards and made the best of it. It was a little cool- but really not bad.

The staff are wonderful. One night we were playing dice on the blue couches and ran out of light. A staff walked by setting up for the pool side buffet and I joked got a light...he got us a light- stuff like that happened all week. The staff always amaze me- they are just awesome. It did take our friends a day or two to learn "Jamaican time" at first they thought the service was slow..then they just realized that they were on vacation in Jamaica and nothing happens quickly so you just relax.

For my husband and I we don't have a favorite couples. We have only been to 2, but the two that we have been to we like- we like each one better for different reasons. I would love to try CSS- my husband has been scared away by the steps. (not for a good reason we are in our early thirties)

Now for the one negative...we had a cockroach in our room. One of the nights we were getting ready for bed and I walked out of the bathroom and saw a "bug" go scurrying under the bed. We looked and looked for it- but couldn't find it. My husband believed me, although he didn't think it was a cockroach- he just thought I was jumping to conclusions. Somehow I slept that night. The next day I talked to housekeeping and they left a can of spray. I sprayed the room down good. Two days later the bug showed up dead and sure enough it was a cockroach. It did give me the creeps, but I do realize that we were in the tropics- it happens, and it won't stop me from coming...I might ask for a can of spray though and spray our room the first thing!

Overall it was a good trip. Can't wait to go back!