We just returned from CSA today, and I wanted to write a few things while they were fresh in my mind. Originally we were to do a CSA/CN split, but we were enjoying CSA so much that we decided to forego the packing and moving and stayed put. I should mention that we have previously been to CN twice, and we always have gone the same week in December.
We stayed in a Greathouse veranda suite. The room was to our liking, and I really enjoyed reading my book on the veranda early in the morning or before turning in at night. I loved the proximity to the internet room, as we had to check in daily with the dog walker and family.
We did not eat at Lemongrass, as we are not fans of Thai food. We found Patois most to our liking, and in our experience the staff was more pleasant, and seemed to generally be happier than the staff at the Palms. The food was always excellent. I would like to give a shout out to Roxane and Nichola, who were two servers who gave us exceptional service with smiles on their faces from start to finish. Though, really, every one we dealt with was pleasant. Feathers was good, but to us, making reservations having to abide by the time was not worth is more than once. We're more of a do what moves you when you feel like it kind of people when we're on vacation.
The beach was beautiful, and the vendors were not a problem. The weather this year was definitely the worst of our three trips. I'm quite sure there was a red flag on at least 4 of our 7 days on account of the wind. That being said though, I did not find it too cool to be on the beach in our swimsuits, or in the water each day. The wind on some days was extreme, which made the waves a blast to play in, and on some days it was a relief from the beating sun. The watersports guys are fun to watch as they go about cleaning up the beach in the morning...they sure seem to enjoy their jobs!
The repeaters dinner was held in two separate seatings, since they had over 200 repeaters. As expected, it was an excellent meal.
One morning our safe wouldn't open, and we needed to get in it first thing in the AM for my husbands meds. Called the operator, and a manager came right out and opened it up for us. No problems at all!
A couple of comparisons between CSA and CN in my opinion....
I would put to rest the whole debate over which beach is better. They are both beautiful. CSA is longer, obviously, but I think it is a little more prone to erosion than is the beach at CN, which is a little more sheltered. CN's beach has less foot traffic, which to some would be a welcome plus, though, as I said, we did not find the locals to be a problem.
The food is really good at both, but I would give the edge to CN there, only because it seems like the menus change on a more frequent basis there.
Comfort of the rooms would go to CSA. We find the beds at CN to be too hard for our liking and the beds at CSA are a bit more comfortable for us. Also, I find the verandas more appealing than the balconies at CN.
Grounds...on beauty alone, that would have to go to CSA. It really is a beautiful place as you are walking through it. If you don't mind strolling about every day, it is a lovely walk. If you have mobility issues, CN would be much more desirable as the restaurants and lobby, etc are all centrally located, which is certainly more convenient.
I felt a little bit like a traitor staying at CSA and cancelling at CN, and I would not hesitate to return to CN in the future. Having said that, right now, I'm feeling more strongly drawn to CSA, but perhaps it's because that is what's freshest in my mind....Either way you choose it's a winning situation! Thanks again Couples for a wonderful stay!