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    Good Morning,
    I recently learned I have to eat gluten free due to an autoimmune disease. I've never really been much of a picky eater so this has been a big challenge when ordering out- but crucial for me at this point. We plan to return to Couples this spring however food may be an issue. I really don't want to get stuck eating fruits and veggies for 7 days. Has anyone else ever encountered this specific dietary need and how was it received when ordering food at the resort? I feel badly asking for special requests but it has to be as specific as not cooking after ANY food that has been cooked with gluten. HELP!
    And if there is one resort more accomodating than another, we are up to changing our reservations to try something new. We are currently headed to CTI but location matters very little- just need our vacation away together.

    Thank you in advance for advice.
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