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    Default Safety at CTI

    We're honeymooning to CTI in July 2011, I belong to the and a lot of people on the honeymoon board keep commenting that Jamaica isnt a safe place to honeymoon.

    Has anyone ever felt unsafe there, whether at the resort or on the horseback riding or dunns river falls excursions?

    I really hope that Jamaica is a safe place to be as we've put alot of thought, time and money into planning our honeymoon there!

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    That's like saying Iowa is unsafe because of what's happening in Chicago. Stay out of Kingston. The resorts are completely safe. We have never felt unsafe on any of the off site excursions either, and we have gone on a lot of them. We have been three times, two of them being split trips between Negril and Ocho Rios.
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    That was one of my concerns when we first went, but we stay on the Negril side and I feel perfectly safe. The resorts are very safe. I don't know about all the activities but I would think they were safe or Couples wouldn't sanction them.

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    My guess would be that those who are warning you about Jamaica have been on a cruise. For some reason the cruise ships scare the bejeebers out of you about Jamaica.

    We have been to Jamaica 7 times and each time we go traveling around the island seeing the sites and sounds. Jamaica is perfectly safe. No worries, no problems.

    Relax and know you have made a fabulous decision in choosing Jamaica and Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We've been to Jamaica 18 times: 14 times to Couples Negril, 2 times to Couples Tower Isle, 1 time to Couples Swept Away, and 1 time to Couples Sans Souci. We have never felt unsafe, been the victims of a crime, or witnessed a crime.
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    My husband and I stayed at CTI this past September and never felt unsafe. We did the Dunns River Falls and horseback riding excursions, as well as a ziplining and bob marley jeep safari excursion and did not once feel unsafe. There are some basic things like not carrying alot of cash on you, but these are things you would do wherever you travel. At times I also left my wedding ring in the hotel room safe if I was unsure about where I would be going that day, but ended up feeling like even that was unnecessary

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    My wife and I honeymooned at CTI and next year will mark our third visit there. Never a problem feeeing safe and secure..Relax and enjoy your honeymoon..No worries mon!!

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    Default You'll probably be just fine!

    From MY experience and in MY opinion, Jamaica can be unsafe if you allow it to be...for example, doing independent things not booked by a tourism company or going solo to do things, or going out at night outside of the resort solo.

    We have gone out alone, gone out at night to bars, booked private drivers for a day, walked alone downtown in non touristy areas, and gone on many excursion tours (some very far from our resorts) without ANYTHING happening. Once we walked to a local gas station to get red stripe in the bottle then went to their local beef patty restaurant and had lunch, then went into their local fruit market without anything happening. Don't bother blending in because you look like a tourist, they know the

    A couple of times, we have noticed maybe a guy following us for a block or two, only to find he is trying to sell us something...I have never felt danger, but have heard of a few isolated events such as robbery.

    It is the murder capital of the world BUT also generates 80% of it's economic revenue on tourism. As such, many Jamaicans treat tourist like gold. I am a Jamaica junkie. I have been there 7 times and I'm going for my eigth in april 2011. I FEEL I AM TREATED BETTER THERE THAN ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE CARIBBEAN, BUT THAT'S JUST ME!

    ALL of their all inclusive resorts, particularly Couples and others that I know of have tight security. They have night guards, and some you don't even notice, 24 hours a day.

    Something that I find to be true moreso in Jamaica then anywhere in the Caribbean I have visited is you tend to get hounded alot when you are outside of the resort. People want to sell you something, show you something, offer you a ride, sell you some smoke...everyone has a hustle but may not show their true colors right away. On the flip side, many Jamaicans just keep to themselves and go about their business, they have lives too!

    You can get lucky and meet some genuine people (WE HAVE!) but most of the time, they work at the resorts. They see you more and can be themselves and helpful at the same time. Have no worries, think smart, just saying "no!" often works, or, if you have HUGE doubts, stay in your resort and just relax and enjoy your vacation!


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    We always get a guide when venturing off the resort, not only will you learn all about the island, but like everywhere else in the world, they will keep you out of areas you shouldn't go into. I have been in the Blue Mts, whitewater rafting, Sunslash Reggae fest, open air villa for lunch, and on our most recent trip down to fisherman's beach in Ocho for fresh caught lobster! Never once did we feel unsafe. Stay out of town if a ship is in port, because the town is not the same. Most negative reviews are from cruise ships.

    When you get shuffled into what I call a tourist trap, the first thing I do is ask for a Guinness (Determine price first),(Best damn beer, brewed in Kingston and tastes nothing like it does anywhere else), it sets the tone for the rest of the adventure. In these little shopping venues, do not take a trinket or it will be considered yours. Dicker the price and start really low. A carving that my wife had to have started at $35.00, got it for $10 and could have got it for less, but I was done haggling.

    Realize that there is no social welfare system and that everyone is trying to survive. Be polite, No Thank You goes a long way. I've always been offered drugs (Maybe it's just me?) and always just say no thanks, I'm good, and have even struck up conversation in passing. The people of Jamaica are some of the best people I have ever met, most will give you what they have, even though by our standards, they have nothing.

    I have unofficially adopted a few Jamaicans that I really consider friends and end up sending care packages a few times a year (I wish I could figure out less expensive shipping!). Things we take for granted are really appreciated by them. Gum and Hard Candy(Jolly Ranchers)go fast, when we hand out and nicer gifts, perfumes, body wash are always appreciated.

    Can you tell I love Jamaica, itís our other home. Go have fun, no worries, no problem.

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    Default scott

    We just got back from CTI in Nov. it was great, no problem. Enjoy the ride from the airport to the resort if you have never been to Jamacia your in for a treat, lots of chickens goats and half built houses its different. No safty problems if someone asked you to buy anything you don't want just say no thankyou. You will have the time of your life we went to Dunns River no problems, didn't do the horseback riding just didn,t want to leave the resort. You will pass the horse back riding place on the way into the resort. Captain kirk will be there when you check in he's a blast. Go to the Island if you get a chance and if you do not want to take your cloths off you can go before 10am just to take pictures and look around. Have a great time, me and my wife are already looking at next year.

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    Use your brains and you will be safe.

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    Jamaica is safe as any place in the world. If you go to the wrong section of any town any place in the world you may get in trouble.

    General Rule for Jamaica: Go to a Couples resort and do what they setup. This includes shopping trips, and other off resort trips. They have your best interest in mind.

    General Rule when traveling to a new place including the USA and EU. If you want to go out on your own, do it during the day, stay on the main strip, go with others, and do not go off the beaten path. Also do not wear your big gold rings or look like you have lots of money on you. You are just asking for trouble. If you are not sure about the area, leave it.

    If you want to go out and see the real Jamaica rent a Cab driver and he/she will not take you to an area that are not nice.

    Go enjoy Jamaica, it is safer than the other Islands and Mexico.
    Irie Mon

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    We spent a week out in the country of Jamaica in June of this year. If there was going to have been a time for us to feel unsafe it would have been then. We never felt unsafe, ever!!!! It is the same there as it is anywhere, be smart. On the resort you will feel very, very safe. They have very noticable security at the resorts. Don't worry about your safety.

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    Just returned from CTI. We felt very safe in the resort and on excertions. Never did I feel that we were vunerable or put at risk from the time we landed to the time we left.

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    Whats wrong with Iowa?.....
    but seriously I have stayed Ocho side and Negril side. Both are very safe, If I were to pick one side I would say I like the Negril side better, but feel that the Ocho Rios side is safer. Mainly because Negril has a public beach and anyone can walk down it. Allowing them access to the resort. Ocho Rios has divided beaches, But never have I felt unsafe either way

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    Why r the cruises scary? I have been to Jamaica twice & both were cruises. We had the time of our life. That's what made me want to comeback and do a land trip. I felt that if I had that much fun in a short period of time, that if I actually stayed on the island I could have more fun. We did Dunn's River Falls, Glassbottom Boat and some other excursions and never felt unsafe. My trip to Couples in September will b my first land trip to Jamaica. I can not wait!!! The people that r telling u it's unsafe, have they ever visited Jamaica? I say u can't tell people about a location that u have never visited. I can't tell u anything about Couples but, I can tell u things about Jamaica. If they have been to Jamaica & had a bad experience, then by all means listen but, if they r telling u things from heresay then I think u should try it out for yourself. The way the people rave on the MB about Couples & how many times they have been, I feel safe just reading the MB. People r not continuing to go because it's unsafe.

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    We have made 9 trips to Jamaica-4 to CTI 5 to other resorts and 3 of those with our kids when they were younger. We never felt unsafe. There are parts of Cincinnati I feel unsafe in when I make a wrong turn at night. Use your head as you would when you travel anywhere.

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    How long was the ride fromt the Airport to CTI? This will be our first trip to CTI we have vacationed at Couples Negril twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod0669 View Post
    How long was the ride fromt the Airport to CTI? This will be our first trip to CTI we have vacationed at Couples Negril twice.
    1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Last time we didn't stop, just went straight to the resort so it was actually just under 1 1/2 hours.

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