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    Default I am starting to dread weekends!

    I am starting to dread the weekends! No updates on the board for 48 hours or more. I miss it toooo much! With only 22 more sleeps to go the anticipation is starting to get to me and I need my daily fix! Just needed to vent, I know Sean needs his weekends off.......

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    You are not the first to experience message board withdrawal when updates are delayed for a couple of days. It does seem to be more intense the closer you get to your departure date.

    Hang in there dude. Soon come.

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    Marnie-I know you have been concerned about finding cream for your coffee. While we won't have real cream, Kathy is bringing some alcohol infused whip cream which is pretty tasty on coffee (kind of like Irish coffee.) I wonder if we'll have better luck with our Irish Coffee adventures this year! I'm looking forward to having "regular" coffee on the balcony in the morning.

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    Hey Illini!

    That does sound good! I am hoping for better luck on the Irish Coffee this year too, Kathy had a terrible green tinge to her after last year! It will be soooo great to drink coffee in the morning on the veradah of the penthouses! I cannot wait!!!

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    Oh so glad it isn't only me that looks as the message board EVERY day! My husband and I are coming to CN on 8th January. It's our frist time! I am soooo excited and counting the days!

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    So it's not only me that reads the message board every day then?
    We are arriving at CN in 16 days time! It's our first trip to Couples and to Jamaica! We are VERY excited and can't wait to get to the sunshine! The weather has been dreadful here in England and we are in desperate need of some heat!Roll on
    the 8th!

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