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    Default Anbyody else 1/15-1/22?!??!

    Lin and Robert from Virginia, here This will be our second year at CSA - firt time in January. We have friends who just got back and did the tour to the Pelican Bar - anyone interested? They said it was the best day trip they ever took. Noticed the temps right now are in the high 70's, which I think is awesome. Last November it was humid and hot - I got bit by a sand flea that actually infected my foot - so heed the word to bring spray with deet!

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    I will be there Jan 20 2011

    15 days cant wait!!!

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    We will be there the 11th to the 18th then off to CSS. Come find us at the piano bar!
    Marnie and Dave

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    Marnie and Dave - me and Robert are hard to miss - I'm 6' and he's 6' 4" - we'll see you at the piano bar! Shadow we'll see you on the 20th as we are getting bummed about going home 2 days later

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    We traveled to CSW Jan 11, 2009 and we never experienced the sand flea issues as in other months. We're heading back this Sat the 22nd and we'll still pack the deet, but hopefully no need for it. Check out the "January 2011" thread on the CSW meet-up board for other January travelers.

    Happy and safe travels to all,

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