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    Default New to CSA ready to book June 2011 Questions...

    Hello everyone! I have read almost every post on this message board for the last 3 weeks. My husband and I were originally planning to go to one of the S resorts but after reading all of your great reviews and the awesome reviews on trip advisor, we QUICKLY changed our minds. We like the idea of everyone being treated the same. With that being said, I have lots of questions that I hope you all can help me with. My husband is leaving all of the decisions up to me as if I have been before.

    We are penciled in with the travel agent for an Atrium suite, which floor is the best? I was thinking the 2nd floor would give the better view and more isolation??? Another part of me is scared to get the Atrium, what if it rains and there is no TV, what would we do??

    Is there wifi on the properties for us to connect our laptops to or network ports in the rooms?

    He seems to think we cant use our cell phones there, is that true? My husband swears its like $12 a minute. I am asking this question because we have 4 children, the youngest will be 22 months when we leave and I am having the HARDEST time leaving him as it is because he is so young. I have backed out twice already and there is no way I could go 7 days and not check on him somehow. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, we more than likely wont be able to vacation alone again until the kids are teenagers. My best friend VOLUNTEERED to keep the kids for us... So we quickly cancelled our yearly family vacation…..

    Do you use credit cards or cash while there?

    With us going the 2nd week of June, what is the weather like there, is it terribly hot, humid, rainy??? Is it crowded during this time, not that we have an option this is when she told us we had to go, so thats when we are going!! ;-)

    Ok, I have bombarded you with enough questions for now…

    Thank you in advance!!!!
    ~Nervously excited…

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    OK first things first nadie..... Calm down, deep breath lol.
    Will answer what I can.
    Atrium Room. Our first visit 2009 was in an Atrium room ground floor, loved it. As for no TV during rain, mmmmm let me think. Bars are open, plenty of places to eat, sports complex open. Hang on the 4 kids are at home and you have a room in paradise all to yourselves. Just be carefull you dont leave expecting your 5th lol.
    As for floor, all I can say is that last April we had a garden room 2nd floor. The room was great and the main difference was the high volted ceiling which I imagine is the same for all rooms on upper floor. However, I am not 100% on that one.

    Wifi, I believe all rooms have wifi but never used it. As for cell phone, used mine no problem to ring and text UK. Cost was no problem on return.

    When you arrive they take your credit card details. CSA is money free so you charge everything to your room from the shop etc and it is taken from your card when you leave. Just remember to have some small bills to pay the baggage guys at the airport and your bus driver taking you to the hotel. Also keep a few small bills with you at the beach as you may want to tip the singers on the beach. Some of them are really good and well worth a private song.

    Weather. When there in June 09 the weather was hot but many days it rained, dont panic, it does rain allot in Jamaica. However, it wont last long maybe enough time to have a drink or two at the beach bar before hitting the lounger again when the sun returns. Did the rain bother us in June? No, in fact we have booked for June 2011 4th to 18th so rain is not a problem.

    Is it crowded. Listen, CSA can be fully booked all year but you would never know it. There is so much room there. You can have a fun packed busy time at the poolbar getting to know everyone or just chill out alone around a hottub all to yourselves. CSA allows you to have the kind of holiday you want. You dont have to fit in with anything. Holiday as you want it. Thats why I think 90% of people if not higher return year after year. Next June is our 3rd trip.

    So, go enjoy dont worry you will love it. If this post has eased your fears just look out for ETF at one of the beach bars next June and set me up with several Pina Coladas with a VX top.

    See you at the Bar,

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    First of all you will LOVE the atrium suites. Having children you will enjoy the peace and quiet of not having a TV on. What to do if it rains ? There are always scheduled activities during the day ( do the cooking workshop, t- dye a shirt,etc ). Also enjoy ping pong/ billards, volleyball in the rain, sit at the swim up bar, take a walk on the beach in the rain, go to the sports center - TONS of activities , sit in the hot tub, and for those in the Atrium Suites- take a nap in your hammock. The atrium suites and situated in the center of the resort and back a ways from the beach, so there is lots of foliage for privacy, even if you are on the first floor. Second floor has the higher ceilings, so both are great. However, these room are probably the most private at CSA. Do the vacation - you will love it ! June is a great time to go to Jamaica. Yes, it is getting more warm ( but better then July - September ), but while you are floating in the ocean , enjoying a relaxing much needed week away from the children. Also, free wi - fi at Couples Swept Away. There is a computer room open 24/7, so you can set something up to contact the kids on the internet at any time. They will LOVE getting a note from you on the internet. We have Verizon and texting my kids on vacation was cheap. Actual cell phone usage in iffy in Jamaica, may work and may not. ( and it is much less then $12 minute , call your cell phone company ). However, I would buy a phone card at the gift shop at CSA. ( they used to sell them ), so you can call home from your room at any time, and it is a reasonable rate. If you put in the search engine at the top- calling home from CSA - you will get LOTS of advice as the best way to call home. Calling home is easy, and if you plan in advance, can be inexpensive. Good luck with your decision.

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    Answers for you:

    1. The floor is really dependent on what you want. Some people like to be able to walk directly off their balcony. We like the 2nd floor for the vaulted ceilings, and don't mind stairs. Remember that they can't guarantee a room/floor, though. And we don't miss the TV at all. In fact, we don't WANT the tv.

    2.We were able to get WIFI with no problem from our balcony in the Atrium Suites.

    3. Cell phone use IS expensive. Why not try Skype? We used it while in China and paid a very nominal fee to talk to my mom and dad on their home phone. If the user on the other end has Skype as well, it's free. We have used our cellphones in emergencies, and it's not $12/minute. More like $2 per minute, but trust me... it adds up fast.

    4. We use our credit cards mostly, but we don't really buy much while we are there.

    5. June 2 - Yup. Hot, Humid. You might get some rain, but it should be lovely.

    Go and enjoy our favorite place.

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    Welcome to the Couples family, relax your going to love it there. We stayed in the Atrium last year in June and loved it. They gave us a second floor room very private. Not having a TV was great didn’t miss it at all. You can watch TV at home. The weather was fine, and it rained every afternoon for 5 to 20 minutes and help to cool the afternoon off. We loved the rain, the beach would clear out and it felt like we had it all to ourselves. It was a great time to take a walk down the beach, grab a drink, hop into the Jacuzzi, get lunch, or some “alone time”. We loved it so much we are coming back June 8-16 so we will see you there.

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    i have verizon. I had to call verizon so they could turn on my international feature, its free. and calls were $2/minute and text was around $0.20 cents to send and a $0.05 to receive. CSA has wifi, and for me it worked in the room and on the beach.

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    ETF, your post was so very very helfulp, I will be setting you up with several Pina Coladas with a VX top and sit back and enjoy what comes after you drinking several of them

    You all have me so super excited June cannot get here fast enough. We will be there June 16th - 23rd. June is a big month for us my birthday and our anniversary, so we'll partake in a few of those Pina Coladas. I am glad I chose the Atrium listening to you all, everything you all have mentioned is EXACTLY what I am looking for PEACE and QUIET...

    schwieso-- you said VOLLEYBALL... that was enough said for me, that is the second love of my life. Guess I can kick Ralph’s butt in a few rounds of billiards as well....goodness I cant wait

    I guess we better start researching how to use skype, he will be excited about that, he is a technology GEEK!

    I feel like we are going to get the best of both worlds, rest and relaxation with a lil bit of partying when we want it!!

    I guess one question I forgot to ask, what's the age range, I see a lot of people celebrating 20 & 30 year anniversaries.... Are there younger and older couples there?

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    Great we just switched to Verizon a couple of weeks ago, so I will be sure to make that call.

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    You'll see all ages at CSA. You are going to love it! I am so glad that you are taking time away from your kids to spend with yourself and your spouse. It's so important to have that time. I don't think enough couples work at being a couple. Skype is a great idea and some of my friends use it and love it. We bought a phone card to talk to our kids the first time we went, but the second time we just emailed back and forth. Have a blast. You'll be hooked. The beach is fabulous and so is the food, drinks, staff, grounds, etc, etc.....CSA ROCKS!

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    You will get all ages. It's a fantastic place.

    I am in my mid 30's and DH is almost fffffffff um forty-nine. We have hung out with other couples that are in their 20's and in their 70's and have had a great time with both!

    You'll miss us as we'll be there in May, but you'll have a GREAT time, nonetheless. Trust us. CSA is THE BEST!
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    Nadie, age is not a factor at CSA. You will see couples of all ages there....from 20 something to 70 something. The one thing they all have in common is that they are in love....In love with each other and in love with Couples Resorts. You will have a blast.

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    We are in our late 20's and will be celebrating our 1st anniversary at Couples in April (we honeymooned at CTI). The guests tend to be older but there is a wide range of ages

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    I am new to the message board. I stayed at Couples Negril last year, trully enjoyed it. I wanted to try Couples Swept Away this year so that is where we are headed in May. I seen that ETF stated that they take credit cards when you get there. I am a cash type guy I do not have credit cards, I did not have a problem with cash at CN. Does CSA only accept credit cards, or just prefer them?

    Also I am having a really hard time deciding on which room. My wife wants to have a view of the ocean, but she wants the enclosed room not the room with the shades. Which room would you recommend.

    Last thing...I really enjoyed the beach volleyball game that they had daily at CN, I did not read any reviews about CSA playing beach volleyball daily. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


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    Hi nadie,

    Age range is across the board. Not sure on your ages but we are 52 thats me 52 yesterday woohhoooo. And my wife jan will be 48 the day we arrive at CSA. There is a saying I like to go by and thats, " Growing Old is Mandatory but Growing up is Optional". Guess thats why Jan thinks I am a Big Kid lol.
    Anyway, as you will find out there is a wide spectrum of ages. However, at CSA everyone mixes and friendships are made no matter what age difference. In fact I was having so much fun one night at the Piano Bar that one of the staff thought I had sneaked in from Beaches and wanted to know where my parents were. What I am trying to say is your as old as you feel and at Couples I am 21 again. Enjoy see you in June.

    See you at the Bar,

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    There will be a wide range of ages at CSA. Yes, lots of folks celebrating 20 or 30 year anniversaries (31 for us in June) as well as LOTS of newlyweds both honeymooning and getting married on the beach. Keep and open mind about who you choose to socialize with, you will find most all the folks at CSA to be friendly and fun, regardless of age. You will make lots of new friends.

    My suggestion on calling home is the "JusTalk" cards available in the gift shop. Most reasonable way we have found to call home, though we do not use Skype which apparently works well also. Do not call collect or using a credit card, these methods can be very expensive. Check with your carrier for cell phone usage and pricing. It will make a difference what kind of phone what carrier you have. Some work, some do not. And don't worry about the kids, they will be fine.

    Wifi is available most everywhere on the property. We did not have a real fast connection, but it was reliable. Tell them you want to use it when you check in. They will give you a password to log on to their network for the duration of your stay.

    The only thing you will need cash for is buying from vendors on the beach or off property spending. Take a credit card for additional charges on property that will be added to your bill on departure. Keep in mind, you don't have to spend any money at all while at CSA. You could put you wallet in the safe the first day and not take it out till you leave. You could not spend a dime additional and have an absolutely wonderful vacation. In fact the only money you will spend is money you WANT to spend. When they say all inclusive, they mean all inclusive. Keep watching the message board for more information on what and where to spend extra money if you choose to.

    Yes, it will be hot. It is June, it is Jamaica. But it is a luxurious heat that make it the tropical paradise that it is. Hang out at the beach and enjoy the sun. It is wonderful. (Take and USE sun screen!) Feel the heat of the evening and dance up a sweat. You will have a nice A/C room to go back to when ever you feel the need to cool down.

    Have a great trip! Feel free to ask questions on the message board. Most of us are happy to help out in what ever way we can.

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    Thank you all so much. I am so pumped up and excited. I was literally checking this board eveyday until I realized that its not updated daily. We are BOOKED and I can not stop thinking about it. This is our first all inclusive and trip to Jamaica.

    ETF, I think we are going to miss you now, our dates changed to June 18th - 25th because we wanted to do a non stop flight and they were only offered on Saturday's. If I leave with my 5th child my Dr has got some SERIOUS explaining to do!!

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome.

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    Check the Meet Up mega thread for other couples that will be at CSA while you are there. There is usually some kind of list.

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