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    Default Message Board and Meet Up With Couples Unite

    Have you ever corresponded with another couple on either board and planned to meet up with them once you get to Couples only to find that in the two hundred or so guests you can not locate them?

    Would it help if we had a sign in book/sheet available to us at guest services after we check in and receive our room assignment?

    Couples could set up a book/sheet that we could put our information in (Message Board sign in, Couples names, dates we will be at the resort and room number) so that other couples can locate us while we are there.

    As we arrive on different dates and we leave on different dates it would not work to set up a cocktail party as half of us may not be there.

    If you would use this please sign in and let Randymon know.

    173 days and counting!

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    At CN, the Internet Cafe has a message board (as in a physical bulletin board) where I've seen notes posted for just this type of communication.

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    That would be great! We planned a meet up in Mexico in Oct. and could not find the person, kind of fun to look and wonder "is that him? is that them?" haha.

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    I think that is a great idea! I would be up for it!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    I like the idea as well....

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    Tom & Dorothy, who headed up Team CSA April 2010, put together a meet-up list on the Couples message board that listed names, dates of visit and screen names. There was also a second posting for Team CSA April 2010 where couples posted pictures. With a little inginuity, softwware and some copying and pasting we were able to put together a "Team roster". Others did the same thing. From there the hunt was on to meet those couples who were on the "Team". We met one couple at the airport as we boarded the plane for Mobay and many more around the resort and on excursions. It was lots of fun and I was blessed because my wife, being very observant, can look at a picture and pick a person, or couple, out in a crowd.

    Enjoy meeting and making friends during your stay!!

    Bart & Bug

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