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    Default Just not the same!

    After traveling the last four Decembers to Couples (went to all four locations) we decided to try something different this year and so we went to St. Croix. Instead of staying at a resort we decided on a B&B, rented a car and spent 6 days exploring the island. While we had a nice time, something was missing and I found myself missing Couples and the all inclusive aspect. The cost was comparable but Couples is the much better value! We will be coming back in 2011.

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    I bought an inexpensive trip on Sky Auction this September for another resort in Negil . We had a nice time, but could not wait to return to Couples. ( My husband kept asking if we could call Couples and try to get a room at one of their resorts ). Vacations are few and far between, our next vacation is at Couples because I want to be sure we have a great time . I have learned my lesson, you get what you pay for !

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    You definitely do get what you pay for. We have had friends argue with us that they can go to Jamaica for less than $1000 per person AI and why would we allow ourselves to get "ripped off" going to Couples??? Hmmmm.....I'm guessing for $1000/person they are eating "instituionalized" buffet every day....drinking low calibre drinks....tipping outrageously to get those low calibre drinks....and paying to do any kind of water activities. Really....who's being ripped off? Yay for Couples....once you go, you know!!!! 59 days and counting for our 3rd trip back.

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    We have friends who travel much more than we do. They've done Cancun, DR, Antigua, Aruba. They always ask us,"Why do you keep going back to the same place?" Obviously, they've never been to Couples. When we found out how much it cost them, (all were more expensive, some were double the cost of Couples), we rest our case.
    Ken & Gina

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    LOL ignorance is bliss!

    Vacations were sooo much cheaper before we discovered couples!

    But now were hooked!

    46 days till CTI

    -The Captain

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