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Thread: SSB Bartender!

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    Default SSB Bartender!

    Does anyone know who the SSB bartender has been lately?

    We are trying to decide what type of candy/treats to bring for them.

    I think Jheneal likes M&M's
    What about the other guys?

    B block

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    Jhanel was the bartender for our visit during the first week of March. She is terrific and made me far too many Bob Marleys. I can't think of the name of the other bartender (male) that spelled Jhanel on her breaks.


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    We left there on Tuesday after a week on SSB. Jheanel was there every day except on her day off Sunday. Francine joins her later in the afternoon and she is also awesome! The weather was 85 plus EVERY day and not a drop of rain. Enjoy.. we sure did! Hey, if you want to give Jheanel something she needs a set of ear buds, even the ones from the plane. I couldn't give her mine b/c I needed them for my ipod for the way home. I know she would REALLY appreciate them. Tell her Hi from Mitch!
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