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    We were at CN Dec. 11th through the 18th. We absolutely loved it!

    The staff was amazing! Anything you needed, it was just there! I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you that works there.

    Ok, no review, but I have pictures! They are posted on my blog, and there are 12 pages of them. Enjoy!

    Pictures from CN

    You will have to excuse the blurry pictures, I just posted everything we had. We broke our good camera on the night we arrived. Dropped it from about 2 inches and it broke the lens on the inside loose. Oh well, we used our iPhones and waterproof video/still camera the rest of the time.

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    Make me miss it even more. Nice pix.

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    What is the blog site where I could check out those pictures? So excited to see others trips in Dec...we are headed to heaven in Dec 2011!


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    That is the link to my December 2010 pictures.

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