Hi all,
We're looking forward to a trip to the fourth of the Couples Resorts we have scheduled for March 2011. It will definately 'soon come'. I have a question about the dinner options at Couples Negril. I know what Otaheite and Lychee are about. My questions are:
1. What is "The Terrace" like? Is it 'sit down with a menu' or buffet? My husband isn't much for buffets. Just curious.
2. I've heard that the menu at Heliconia has changed and that it isn't Italian as it shows on the site anymore. Can anyone share some insight as to what type of menu it is now?
Just curious and excited about this trip. After March, we've been to all four and looking forward to enjoying Couples Negril soon. Thanks for any and all input.
windsorgirl (Christine)
CSA '07,08
CSS '10
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