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Thread: What to take?

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    Default What to take?

    Ok, so our trip to CN is 178 days away and I have already started making my 'don't forget to take this' list.

    What are your suggestions for 'must have' items?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    DOnt take TOO much hahahah. We went last year and honestly did not use half of my stuff then at the airport had to pay a fee of 50 bucks cause it was over 50lbs, so trust me pack light. Do bring bug spray if you get bit alot normally. Hat for the water if you do not want your face burnt the whole time. NO purse just a beachbag for everyday use. For us the one thing we will change this time is we are going to bring our own beach towels because its just a pain to go check them out and plus we go to Ricks Cafe once and like to jump and you cannot take towels off resort.

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    Default What to bring

    I would highly recommend an extension cord. They do not have outlets in the bathrooms.

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    Donna/ the MB for the "I wish I would have thought of that" thread...there are several pages to it with suggestions...besides that...we have learned that with clothing...less is more, bendy straws are great..take your own OTC meds(pricey in gift shop), mp3 player(AND a charger), plenty of sunblock, foam koosies(they fit perfect over the couples cups),celery salt for bloodys(caesars),conditioner...there's more, but if I can't remember here, it's trivial, believe me....just enjoy!
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    This thread may help~~~

    If you have trouble opening the link, it's on page 3 and called something like the "I wish I would have thought of that"

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    Conditioner for your hair... they just provide shampoo and you HAVE to put on conditioner afterwards or your hair is a huge dried out mess.

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    There is a very helpful thread on here with lots of ideas. I got a packing list from one of the other members which I now use on all of my trips. Try doing a search or look back a few pages and you should find it

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    Donna and Steve - There are many threads that have been started on the MB. Here are just a couple to get you started (Thread Title - Last Post - Section:

    The "I wish I would have thought of that" thread - Dec 11 - Main Board
    Travel Check List - Oct 30 - Main Board
    Must Haves - Aug 22 - Meet up Couples Sans Souci
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