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    Default CSA Review 12/6/10-12/11/10


    This place is heaven on earth! From the moment we arrived at the airport and were whisked away to the couples lounge it was magical!! Had a short wait there and luggage was gathered up and we were taken to the shuttle. The ride to the resort was a bit longer than normal due to rush hour in Mo Bay. I didn't really care though, my nose was pressed to the window the entire time looking at everything. The driver was very fun and told us facts about Jamaica. Check in was very smooth and quick. They jumped up as soon as they seen us arriving to get our towels and champagne. Our room was great.Not fancy or elegant, just classic caribbean style (who could complain about that) It was dark when we arrived at Swept Away so it was a little overwhelming the next day trying to find everything. We didn't do orientation as we didnt want to waste any of our time in paradise. I was on this message board everyday for almost 9 months researching and making little notes. If you do that you will be fine. And if you want to know something just ask. Everyone there is so nice & helpful. We had our breakfast delivered to our room every morning and it was great (the coffee is to die for) it was there at exactly the time we ask every morning. Then we usually went down to 'the big breakfast' a little later. Banana Stuffed French Toast is wonderful at Patios. Service is a little slow there if they are really busy but its worth the wait. Palms has a great buffet. We got there on a Monday so we got to do International Buffet Night. Not to be missed, it was great! Lemongrass was very nice. We made our reservations for 630pm so we were one of the first ones to get seated and we got to set on the patio with the torches lighting it (very romantic and created a nice atmosphere) Quarie our waiter was wonderful and very nice. And the food there is great. Feathers was a little fancy for our taste but you still should try it just to get the experience. Cabana Grill has great jerk chicken and is nice that its right there on the beach. SeaGrapes has fabulous fish tacos and the sweet potato chips with the dips that they have, OMG I fell in love with those! And now on to the people. I can't say enough about them. We scheduled sunset pics on Thursday night and 'Z' was our photographer he is a real asset to Couples! He was so wonderful. He really went above & beyond with our pics and took some great shots. The sunset that night was gorgeous and a few other couples were on the beach at the time & as we were walking by he said "come on come on, you can join us". He is so fun when he is taking the pics you cant help but have a smile on! We went the next day to view them and Cecil was working at the photo desk. We talked with him for a long time (since it took me forever to decide which pictures I wanted)and he was great to talk to and very helpful. The service on the beach was great. Cold Towels, Fruit Kabobs,Drinks what more could a person want?? The beach was never crowded. We always had plenty of room for our two chairs and our table. Ive never seen a prettier beach in my life. And the water is just amazing. The pictures on the website just dont do it justice! My husband who can do the beach for a few days and is then ready to move on even loved it and was already planning on coming back again before we left.The Shipwreck Beach Party is on Friday and sadly that was our last night there but it was a great ending to a ever greater week.More food than I have space to list and all these big tables set up on the beach it was just wonderful. We met some really nice people that night and I was sad that we didnt meet up with them eariler in the week. There is just something about that place. I cant explain it, just go and you will see what I mean. Everyone you pass on the sidewalk no matter what they are doing are so nice and always say hello. All was right with the world for those 5 days!Everything was just perfect. We could not have asked for a better experience in Jamaica. I think about it daily and miss it terribly. It is truly paradise! BOOK IT! Don't wait, No worries Mon....

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    Great review, I am booked to go for the March break, first time to Jamaica and very excited. Your review just makes me that much for eager to go!!! Glad you had a great time.


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    Z is great - he did our wedding photos and we went well over our package when choosing, there were just so many good ones to pick from.

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    Thank you for the review! We're going to CSA at the end of April (1st time to CSA, we went to CTI for our honeymoon). It helps me get through the wait by reading other people's trip reports!

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    Nice review! I am so glad that u and your husband had a good time. I try not to focus on the negatives when I read a review. People r looking for something different and what u may not like may not bother me. I can not wait to go so I will know. Any pictures?

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    Robyn! I hope you have as wonderful of a time as we did. I still think about it multiple times a day (does that mean I'm obsessed??) Considering its been the coldest December in Indiana since 1973 I think I have the right to mope a little haha The high hasnt been out of the 20s since we got back

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    jayrayuf...I thought I was the only one who was on this message board living vicariously through the fun of others while I'm not able to be there myself. Glad I'm not alone! Have a great time at CSA in April!!

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    spice505 I have around 330 pics that I took while there. I have yet to load them on my computer tho. We got back and had to hussle to get Christmas shopping done, get the tree up etc...none of it I was really into this year..seeing as Im still in my winter depression and missing Jamaica something terrible!!

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    definitely do the sunset photo shoot! Cecil did our pics and they were amazing!! I miss getting an afternoon snack at Seagrapes... had smoked marlin sushi that was sooo good!

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