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    My wife and I have been to Jamaica 10 times and have exhausted many of the excursions, etc. We are excited to return in March for our third time to Couples and our first time at CSS. My wife has a form of Rheumatism causing her to have weakness in her arms and hands. She would love to try Zip Lining but we wonder if she will have sufficient strength. Those of you who have zip lined, do you feel that signifacant strength is required in your hands and arms? Just an opinion will help to guide us. Thanks in advance.

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    Zip Lining. It was sooo sooo much fun. Now there are two different companies they use. We did the one where you do not have to break yourself. So when we went on line my husband actually let go so he could take pics and then they would stop us at the end so no use of hands or strength to be honest. I know the other company you have to use your hands to break yourself or slow down. The company we used started with a K but cant remember the name. WAS SOOO worth every penny, we had a blast. Hope that helps.

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    Hi WIJamericans, I haven't zip lined in Jamaica, but I have in Canada and I found you needed upper body strength the most to be able to climb the course. I had to climb up extremely steep ladders and only got up because of my strength. Friends I went with who were not in the best physical shape had to drop out of the course as they couldn't climb up to get to the zip line. This may be different in Jamaica though so maybe others can help you more with that. Once you are at the top and ready to zip line you really don't need any real strength, you just have to squeeze the line with your gloved hand to stop yourself. Hope this helps.


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    You sit in a harness. You use your arms for balance only, hanging on to the harness. Your legs just dangle below the seat.
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    We zip lined a couple of years ago on our trip to CSA and I don't remember needing my hands for much of anything strength-wise... they hook you up and you slide down... I think she'd be just fine! Enjoy!

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    We did it last Febuary in Jamiaca during our cruise. We had a blast. They strap you in. You only need enough to hold yourself upright, which is not much. Make sure to do the Bobsled too :>)
    Scott and Jen

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    Although I haven't done it in Jamaica, I've done it elsewhere. As I have had 2 dislocated shoulders, I too had mobility problems. While ziplining, you wear a full body harness so there is no steering involved. The momentum carries you to your destination. I'm sure your wife will have no problems whatsoever. Have fun.

    cheers xxx

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    Sounds like she can handle it. We are going to give it a try. Thanks for the opinions.

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