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    Default CN - Feb / March 2011 SCUBA DIVE Team ?

    We are back at CN on the 22nd Feb 2011 for 14 nights. We plan to dive every single day. Whose going to be on the boat with us?.
    You will recognise us, as we will be armed with water guns as usual.
    Ian and Vanda from England

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    Default Water gun


    We will miss you by a week this year will be on Bubbles Jan 28 to Feb 12. But we will have Sugar and the boys primed up for you. Have a Merry Christmas and give Ian our Best
    Doug & Karen.

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    Ian, I will be at CTI most of the same time you're at CN. Too bad, its good to get a dive buddy that you can get to know their strengths. Enjoy!

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    Default Don't go all shy !!

    Now please don't be shy. The water in our water guns wont be too cold. !!!
    Ian and Vanda

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